The Punjabi Playboy Prince. A giant man great with his fingers.
Party Member
Full Name Ajeet Mandeep
Nickname Ajeet
Class Playboy
Equip Types
Weapon Types Wristband
Armor Types Blouse / Hat / Accessory
Skill Types Punjabi Poke/ Skills / Powers
Target Rate 200%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
"I can see it in your eyes... the Joy... Please sir, stay away from me."

Ajeet is a Punjabi Playboy who despises Joy and the effects of it. He will join Brad's party if Brad hasn't given into his addiction of Joy.


Name: Ajeet Mandeep

Fighting Art: Finger Poking

Past Occupation Toll Booth Attendant

Likes: Gardening

Favorite Food: Spicy Rice

Most Hated Thing: Cowards

Ajeet: the king of pointing fingers. Ajeet is strongly opinionated, he's not afraid to point fingers. In fact, Ajeet has pointed his finger so much, that it has gained supernatural powers.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ajeet is a sensual playboy, wearing a floral shirt and teal turban. He hates Joy and its effect on people and chooses to stay away from those who take Joy. This man's heart is almost as big as he is. A true Wizard with his fingers. Ajeet is a force to be reckoned with.

How to invite to partyEdit

Ajeet is found in the top right of Skull Town. This is accessed by entering the crack in the wall in the bottom right of Area 2 and heading to the left door to enter Sands.

From Sands, go through the right hand most door by heading to the left and using Brad's bike over the gap.

Once reaching Skull Town, head to the top right and speak to Ajeet. If you have taken joy exactly twice, Ajeet will refuse to join Brad's party. This seems to be a bug as it was probably meant to be 'greater than two', as he will join Brad's party if you have taken three or more Joy.


Ajeet is a bulky party member who is actually a very well rounded fighter when it comes to his abilities. His Punjabi Pokes cause various status effects, he has strong physical attacks, he can fire finger beams for special attacks, Ajeet can do it all.

One of Ajeet's drawbacks is that he doesn't have a main attack skill and while most of his skills get real costly in SP, Ajeet is a perfect addition to any kind of team.


Skill Name Description Level Learned SP Cost
Gouge A grizzly finger stab to the eye. Causes blinding. 1 0
Needle A calculated poke to the back. Causes weirdness. 1 0
Sear A sizzling hot poke through the chest. Causes burning. 1 0
Hush A soft finger press to the lips. Causes wariness. 1 0
Rocket Piercer A high-speed missile dropkick. 3 10
Finger Beam A concentration of energy blasted from the finger. 6 20
Space Hammer A huge elbow drop with the power of the cosmos! Tends to miss. 10 35
Rocket Skewer A high-speed missile dropkick. 13 30
Finger Beam 2 A concentration of energy blasted from the finger. 15 40
Universe Hammer A huge elbow drop with the power of the cosmos! Tends to miss. 18 45
Rocket Impaler A high-speed missile dropkick. 20 60
Finger Beam 3 A concentration of energy blasted from the finger. 22 50
Abyssal Hammer A huge elbow drop with the power of the cosmos! Tends to miss. 24 90
Falling Tree A momentum based elbow drop. 25 100


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
13 1050 210 31 45 45 31 72 62

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • Victory.
  • Hmph.
  • I grow strength.
  • Meaningless trash.

Default Equipment Edit



  • Ajeet's Punjabi Pokes are good enough to make it so you don't even have to use his other skills.
  • His Hush skill inflicts the enemy with Wary, decreasing their DEF by 70% for the whole battle. So it's best to have Ajeet use this skill at the start of a battle.


  • He's the only character who will not join you if you take two or more Joy.
  • He was planned to be a boss in the game file, but later changed by Dingaling
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