The Area 1 Crossroads is the first main hub of LISA: THE JOYFUL. In order to proceed with the game, the various sub areas must be visited in order to fulfil objectives, advance the story and get past the truck to the east.

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Story and Objectives

In order to pass past the tree to the east, Buddy must kill three of the leaders in this area.

The order in which can be informed from The List as Buddy can work from the least powerful up. These are:

  1. Defeat Lardy Hernandez and obtain the TNT for Vega
  2. Defeat Vega Van Dam
  3. Visit Village One
  4. Defeat Mr. Beautiful
  5. Enter Area 2, obtain the Joy Mask and visit the Joy Lab via the cliff in Village One

Area 1 Shop


If Buddy speaks to chester without a mask on, he will initiate a fight with her, which cannot be escaped. After the area has been cleared of the three leaders, Chester will have mutated into a Joy mutant and will fight Buddy regardless. The shop has the following items:

Road to Crossroads 2


The road to the Area 2 Crossroads is short and can be crossed once all three leaders have been killed in Area 1.

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