Area 2 (Crossroads) is the second main hub of Lisa: The Painful. In order to proceed with the game, the various sub areas must be visited in order to fulfill objectives, advance the story and get past the blockade to the east.


Story and Objectives[edit | edit source]

In order to pass past the truck in the Rando Blockade,

The order in which these doors need to be accessed is as follows:

  1. Get through Construction and obtain some TNT.
  2. Visit the Muscle Cave, using the TNT to blast open the rocks. (Optional but good EXP)
  3. Fight and obtain Tiger Man in Bob's Dojo. (Optional but good EXP)
  4. Get through Muddy Waters.
  5. Blow through the door, defeat Wally in Wallys.
  6. Visit Skull Town
  7. Use the Boat Shore to get to Garbage Island and Dismal Island. This can also be used for Resort Island once the Resort Map is obtained from Area 3.
  8. Enter Area 3 via the Rando Blockade.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Dojo Bomb[edit | edit source]

Tiger bomb.png

WARNING: If you give the two men (Matt and Pat) on the east side your TNT, they will blow up Bob's Dojo along with all NPCs and possible party members Yazan Barghouti and Jack. In order to avoid them, head to the door of the Neighborhood, jump down (dealing 10 damage on impact), and travel east over the jerks.

Shore[edit | edit source]


To the south is the Shore, used by Shardy Hernandez, the brother of Fardy Hernandez and Tardy Hernandez. If given a map, he can take you to one of the three islands. These are:

The Meaning of Life
[edit | edit source]

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The meaning of life-0.png

At the top of the Crossroads is a tower leading upwards offscreen. At the bottom of it is a sign urging the player to climb it for there is something "VERY IMPORTANT ABOVE!" However, the entire climb is pointless since the top only contains a sculpture of a middle finger, two tufts of grass, and ledges that cannot be jumped from. As a result, it's recommended to save before beginning the trip in order to restart the game, because the player will be required to climb all the way back down otherwise.

It takes about one and a half minutes to reach the top of the tower.

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