A man raised by animals. He has become your companion due to your display of dominance.
Party Member
Full Name Unknown
Nickname Beastborn
Class Wildman
Equip Types
Weapon Types Whip
Armor Types Accessory / Manly / Nude / Hat / Blouse / Small Shield
Skill Types Skills / Critters
Target Rate 200%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Beastborn is a wild man found near the Area 1 Crossroads. After defeating him he will reluctantly join Brad's party.


Name: Beastborn

Fighting Art: Primal Rage

Past Occupation None

Likes: Playing

Favorite Food: Things found on the ground

Most Hated Thing: Suits and Ties

Beastborn was raised in the wild by animals. He can communicate with critters to help and aid him in battle. Because he can't speak, he has a hard time getting work.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Beastborn is a rough man raised by animals. He has a large beard, a strange afro-like hairdo, a unibrow, and wears clothing made from poorly matched animal pelts. He appears to be a simple, somewhat dimwitted man, owing to him being raised by animals.

How to Invite to PartyEdit

To find Beastborn, head through the leftmost door of the Area 1 Crossroads. You will need to use your Bicycle and head to the top right, using your Bike to jump over the gaps. As you enter the clearing, you will fight Beastborn. Once defeated he will join Brad's party.


Beastborn is a very bulky party member with a considerable amount of HP, and is also one of the few battlers who uses TP instead of SP. Because of this quirk his use is somewhat hindered in battle until he's able to build up enough TP, however he does still sport a fairly strong normal attack.

Most of Beastborn's attacks revolve around causing animal stampedes and throwing deer at his enemies, which only seem to deal average damage at most. Final Deer Driver can deal about 1,000+ damage to a target, but once used his TP will have already drained to nearly zero and will need to charge up again. The best advantage to Beastborn though is his high HP, and will be able to take many hits before going down. He is a good party member for fights that go on for a while.

One of Beastborn's Drawbacks is that he has rather low AGI, meaning pretty much he's the last one to attack in battle.

Beastborn can be very effective if surrounded by a team that can help him raise TP through attacks or Lucrative Tea, as he will be able to use high-cost TP attacks sooner and more often. He also pairs well with faster party members, as Beastborn is very slow. Party members with good chemistry with Beastborn include Nern, Rooster, and Carp.


Skill Name Description Level Learned TP Cost
Critter Bite Have your tiny companion bite the opponent. Makes them feel weird. 1 5
Paralyzing Whip A quick crack of your whip. Can paralyze enemies. 3 7
Stampede Cause a cute stampede. 6 15
Deer Toss This is absolutely animal cruelty... 9 30
Whip Flurry Wiggly your whip wildly! 12 20
Critter Clamp Have your tiny companion latch on to the opponent. You lose your critter for 3 turns. 14 23
Big Stampede Cause a cute stampede. 16 20
Deer Driver Slam a deer into your opponent. Stuns opponents. 18 20
Bite Who needs animals? You have your own teeth! Causes poison. 20 17
Deer Bomb This is absolutely animal cruelty!!! 22 30
Big Bite Who needs animals? You have your own teeth! Causes poison. 23 40
Big Deer Driver Slam a deer into your opponent. Stuns opponents. 24 30
Final Deer Driver Slam a deer into your opponent. Stuns opponents. 25 40


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
8 1156 160 20 18 25 25 17 50

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  • ...!

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  • Beastborn is very slow, so use Carp or Yazan to slow enemies down.


  • If Brad fights and kills the Squirrel, Beastborn will not react in any way and it will have no bearing on the plot.
  • Beastborn is one of six party members created by a Kickstarter backer, although there were supposed to be ten.[1]

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