Item information
Item ID 17, 35
Price 0
Scope None
Occasion Only From Menu
Speed 0
Success Rate 100%
Repeats 1
Hit Type Certain Hit


Press the A/SHIFT key to dismount.



  • Attempting to use the Bicycle while Brad is riding on a motorcycle will cause his movements to become totally sluggish. Brad can still jump using ramps however.
  • If Brad dismounts his bike on the same frame that he gets off a rope, then a glitch will occur where Brad's movement speed while walking is faster then the bike's, although he will take his normal fall damage instead of the slight immunity the bike would usually give from 3-tile high falls, and he falls straight down instead of landing a tile ahead of his fall. Because of this, he can not make jumps over gaps, so a bicycle will still be required for those. He also will climb up ropes much faster than on the bicycle.

Trivia Edit

  • In the sprite wall there's a blue version of the Bicycle
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