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Bob's Dojo is a location in LISA: THE PAINFUL access by entering though the top door in the Area 2 Crossroads.

It is a building in the Karate Village where Master Bob Friday teaches his students. When Brad arrives, the dojo has been challenged by the Dojo Buster, Tiger Man. With the students at the mercy of the mysterious foe, and the dojo's master nowhere to be found, it is up to Brad to stop Tiger Man from killing everyone in the village.

After defeating Tiger Man, Bob Friday can be found in the hills above the village, still in hiding. If Brad talks to him, Master Friday will return to the dojo, where he will be found selling the Student Creed.

To the west, Yazan Barghouti can be found and invite to Brad's Party. In a building nearby, Jack can be invited if the Playing Cards are purchased form the shop to the east.

Morty's Yard Sale sells multiple useful items providing access to two Party members, Dismal Island and Garbage Island. The Weird Doll assists with inviting Birdie Hall, the Playing Cards helps with inviting Jack, the Dismal Map can be taken to the Boat Shore to visit the Dismal Island and the Nugget can be used to get past the man blocking Garbage Island.

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In the cave leading to Bob's Dojo is Birdie Hall. Head East to Morty's Yard Sale and buy the Weird Doll for 32 mags. Give it to the weird guy above the shop and he will, in return, give you some Olathian Whiskey. Go back to Birdie in the cave, in the top door, above the second punching bag, and give it to Birdie. He will then force himself into Brad's party. Olathian Whiskey can also be purchased from the Muddy Town for 20 mags.

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