Bob Friday
Bob Friday
Full Name Bob Friday
Other Name Grandmaster Friday
Race Human
Sex Male
Affiliation Bob's Dojo

The Unics

Role Bob's Dojo Master
Location Karate Village

The Cell

Appearances Lisa: The RPG

Lisa: The Joyful

Bob Friday is a minor NPC that appears in Lisa: The Painful. He's the owner and master of Bob's Dojo, located in the Karate Village. He appears later in the sequel Lisa: The Joyful as a member from the Unics.



Bob is also important for getting every achievement, since it is necessary to get through Bob's Dojo for the recruitment of Tiger Man and buying the Student Creed for its associated achievement. It's advised to save before doing so, because the item itself is mechanically useless beyond awarding an achievement.


Bob in Joyful unlike in Painful doesn't have a recurrent role and it's apparition is only taken as a wink from the previous game (like Gary The Hot Soup battle in Lardy's Truck)

Appearence and PersonalityEdit

Bob is a middle aged fat adult. He has a squared shaped face with two black dots as eyes, a big rosed nose and a long neckbeard that covers his mouth. He wears a rose and white karate suit with a navy karate tape tip.

Bob is seen as an admiration figure by his students who deposits in him a blinded confidence thinking that he's a great master who thoughts great martial arts lessons. In reality he is actually very skittish and will not fight even if his own students are in peril.




When Brad arrives at his dojo he encounters the Dojo Buster attacking his students, they will be hopeful about his Master arrival trusting in his martial arts capacity to defeat the agressor. Arriving late at the scene Bob reacts surprised and leaves the dojo immediately.


After Brad beats Tiger Man and finds him, he we will return to his dojo there he'll promote you the Student Creed by the exuberant price of 1000 Mags. Buying the Creed and using it in one of your party members will gave you the "Worth It" achivement.



In Lisa: The Joyful, it is revealed that he was in cahoots with Rando to kidnap Buddy and maintain her there until she had grown up. After an incident when one of them (Dale) tried to sexually abuse Buddy she murdered the other kidnappers, Bob flees into the wasteland, where he begins taking Joy.


Later, after Buddy has defeated the first three leaders of Olathe, he is found as a dead mutant, impaled with many spears and propped up near the game's only campfire. Rando reacts with sadness because of the event, then Buddy suggest if he knows him, only to hear Rando lying about knowing everyone in the wastelands. After this, Buddy is satisfied by the events and says "Good Riddance" to his dead, mutated corpse.

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