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Brad's House is located in Pre-Area 1. It is a simple, small dome-shaped house originally shared by Brad, Cheeks, Rick and Sticky. It initially only had one floor, but it was later expanded to have a basement to accommodate Buddy. It is reached after saving Terry Hintz from Cheese Legs.

Story Edit

In the beginning, Brad, Cheeks, Rick and Sticky led a simple life in their cramped one-story house. After Brad discovered and brought home the baby Buddy, the four men spent the following weeks digging out a basement for additional living space. The two-story house was a home for the makeshift family up until the day it was ransacked by Buddy's kidnappers.

Layout Edit

Brad's CliffEdit

Terry Dog
After one of his Joy and alcohol binges, Brad is awoken by the sound of Cheese Legs and walks over to Brad's Cliff. The Cliff is the first area in which the player is given control. Here, Brad finds Terry Hintz up a tree, fleeing from a harmless dog. He says that he has pulled his hamstring and is unable to fight. After Brad defeats the dog, Terry sees how lonely Brad looks and joins him on his journey to provide help and hints.

Camp brads House
To the west of the Cliff is an area that contains a Camp and a single Save Point During Pain Mode; it is suggested to leave this crow unused for a long as possible. It is also notable that this camp is one of the few in the game that has no negative results when used, and it is recommended to use it if you're scared of other save points having negative effects in dire times.

Brad's HouseEdit

Inside the House are multiple dead raiders who--one can assume--have been killed by Rick, Sticky and Cheeks while defending Buddy. On the bottom Corpse, a Rusty Knife can be found that can be equipped by Carp.

Brad's PathEdit

To the West is a Save Crow, as well as a rope leading further down.

Further west is a pool of blood with a bag of Mystery Jerky

Brad's SummitEdit

Down from Brad's House, is a series of cliffs. To the west is a body, pushed from the cliff above holding a Diet Cocola Cola. Note, be careful when walking east on the ground level, the path ends very abruptly on the next screen and falling is very easy. You will find a bag of Mystery Jerky here.

Brad's CaveEdit

Further east is a bridge leading to a cave, guarded by Walter Stingray. He states he wants Buddy all to himself and won't let Brad past. Once he is defeated you can enter the Path to the Beginning.
Blood Simmer

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