Not much is known about this... Man?
Party Member
Full Name Unknown
Nickname Carp
Class Cutthroat
Equip Types
Weapon Types Knife
Armor Types Accessory / Fish Head / Nude
Skill Types Skills
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 8%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 8%
Lock Equip Head
Joy Addict

Carp is a quiet Party Member found in the Construction 2 bar. Not too much is known about him or his history. He joins Brad's party after being given Green Paste from the Fishman Town.

Background[edit | edit source]

Name: Carp

Fighting Art: Street

Past Occupation Hero to the Orphans

Likes: The Fishmen

Favorite Food: Green Paste

Most Hated Thing: Child Abuse

Carp has gone by this name for as long as he can remember. Given his shaky past, he dedicated his whole life to helping the orphans at the Olathian Orphanage. He assumed that of a superhero to the children, although they did always poke fun at his fish head mask. He didn't care, it was his way of telling the kids to never fear being judged, and to follow the things that make you happy in life. After the flash, Carp lost his purpose. He figured it was pointless to give false hope to the kids. He left them in the care of Morrace Dinkle. To this day, nobody knows why he loves fish so much.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Carp preview.png

Carp is a man who wears a fish head mask and is covered with gang tattoos. This might imply that he has a past of crime, but was attempting to atone for his sins and help the orphans of Olathe.

How to invite to party[edit | edit source]


In order to invite Carp to Brad's party, you must obtain the Green Paste from the Fishman Town. In order to get to the Fishman Town, head to Muddy Waters, through the bottom right hand door in Area 2 and heading East.

Head to the second screen to the east from the entrance to Muddy Waters (And the park scene if you haven't already).

Travel to the gap, pictured, and drop down without a bike. You will now be in Fishman Town. Purchase fish paste from the stall at the bottom of the town, and bring it back to Carp. He is located at the Top Right Bar in the second screen of the Construction area.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Carp is a very speedy party member who is well versed in multi-hit attacks. His strongest attack, Fever River 3, is capable of striking at the enemy a whopping 7 times. In addition, he also has great skill in crippling enemies with stat debuffs and status ailments. One of his more useful debuffs, Wrist Slash, is capable of dealing strong damage while also reducing the target's attack power. Carp is a very useful addition to just about any party.

Carp's default attack skill costs 5 SP, but given he starts with a lot of SP, it's not too big of an issue (especially if your party has members who can restore eachother's SP/). Carp is another sufferer of Joy Addiction, but is one of the more capable addicts in the game. This is mostly due to how, even while under the effects of withdrawal, he retains a fair amount of agility, and his Fever River skills don't get any weaker. This is because his skills (other than Wrist Slash and Ankle Slash) scale with SATK rather than ATK, and because SATK doesn't get lowered by Joy Addiction, damage remains the same. Though this also means that most of his skills don't really benefit from any ATK gains from equipped knives.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Fever River A wild combo. 1 25
Hectic Waver A serious flurry of cuts. 1 40
Raging Sprinkle A flurry of cuts. 10 30
Poison Mist Spit out a poison cloud. 13 30
Wrist Slash A direct cut to the wrists. Reduces enemy strength. 17 20
Ankle Slash A direct cut to the ankles. Reduces enemy agility. 20 20
Fever River 2 A wild combo. 22 30
Fever River 3 A wild combo. 24 40
Deep Poison Mist Spit out a poison cloud. 25 45

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
15 1046 312 25 32 25 25 104 96

Battle Quotes[edit | edit source]

Win Quotes[edit | edit source]

Level Quotes[edit | edit source]

Drop Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Blaaargh Bloooop! Ba-doooop!
  •  !?
  • Gaaarglagleeglah.
  • Terrific...
  • Bleedillbleedillooo!
  • Gloop.

Default Equipment[edit | edit source]

Art[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Carp is an all-around damage dealer. He only has offensive skills, so you should have Garth or Birdie teamed up with him so you won't have to rely on items for healing or SP. It's best that you use him in combination with Olan/Terry and Birdie/Fly if you want a truly unstoppable team.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite Brad accidentally burning the orphans that Carp raised, if you return to the orphanage with Carp nothing will happen.
  • Carp is one of the three party members Dingaling completed the game with, along with Shocklord and Birdie.[1]
  • Carp's tattoos do not have any relation to The Devil's Bathhouse. [2]
  • Due to his fish head mask being permanently equipped as well as his difficulty speaking, it is unknown whether Carp is actually a human wearing a mask or a fishman living on the surface
  • Carp shares many noticeable similarities with Tekken's King. Both characters are heroes to orphans who don animal masks and speak only through the noises of the animals they imitate.
  • Some speculate that Carp's design is inspired by the appearance of the members from the international criminal gang MS-13.

References[edit | edit source]

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