Clip Dump
Biographical information
Skill ID 806
Description A burst of bullets
Skill Type None
MP Cost 0
TP Cost 0
Scope 3 Random Enemies
Occasion Only in Battle
Speed 0
Success Rate 100%
Repeats 3
Tp Gain 0
Hit Type Physical Attack
Occasion Only in Battle
Damage Type HP Damage
Element Type Normal Attack
Formulae 200 + a.mat * 4 - b.mdf * 2
Variance 20
Critical No
Use Message (User Name) unloads into you!
Notes <Motion Action = 4>
Required Weapon 1 None
Required Weapon 2 None


Clip Dump 806 is an extremely powerful and dangerous skill, used by only three enemies, it, as it's name suggests, involves the enemies firing an assault rifle or machinegun at the party, and it only gets more devastating the less party members you have, as thanks to how it works (The 3 Random enemies flag allowing it to hit a single enemy 3 times, and the repeats value being 3, means it can hit a single party member nine times)


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