Crack Ripper
Battler Ripper
Enemy information
HP 5000 ATK 200
SP 0 DEF 10
SATK 10 AGI 88
Exp 2000 Mags 60
HIT * 100% EVA * 5%
Attack Element: Physical Collapse Effect: Boss
Scared * 50% Paralysis * 50%
Sleep * 50% Stun * 50%
Piledriver Always 5
Cross Chop Always 3
Chop Always 5
Block Always 3
Neck Break Always 1
"Hey mate... You live here? Tell you what... Give me all your dirty pages... And we won't totally destroy your little town. So... Your magazines? How 'bout it mate?"
―Crack Ripper, threatening Brad Armstrong

Appearance Edit

Crack Ripper is a shirtless Caucasian male with thick eyebrows, blue eyes, large red lips, a thin, Grecian nose, a cleft-chin, light blue face-paint, and blond hair, which is styled into an extremely distinctive fashion, consisting out of the top of his hair swept back in a exaggerated fashion and dyed black, while the rest of it is shaved into a buzzcut.

Personality Edit

Crack Ripper, from what little we see of him, has a thuggish and criminal behaviors, as he attempts to rob Brad of his mags, and also appears to possess an accent, as well as his own distinctive manner of speech, regularly using the word "Mate" and also seems to take pride in his gang, as before he and his gang ransack Factory Town, he says "You don't fuck with the Road Scholars!"


Crack Ripper makes his only appearance ambushing Brad Armstrong after he leaves Factory Town, he, alongside his subordinates (Louie Headliner, Harley Denim, Toby Cream, and Bernie Mantee) will surround Brad, and give him the choice of giving up all his Mags or fighting back.


  • Ambushes you after returning from the Factory Town, which is accessible from the Joy Factory.

Notes Edit

  • Fittingly enough, as the leader of the Road Scholars, Crack Ripper has the highest health out of his companions and like the rest of them, prefers to use moves that inflict immobilizing status effects.
  • If you have under 20 mags when you encounter the Road Scholars, they will fight you no matter what, and then steal your remaining mags.
  • Crack Ripper is incapable of using his Cross Chop move, as he has no SP to spend it on. Because of this, he will use the moves Chop and Piledriver as his offensive skills, and will rarely use the move Neck Break, provided the fight go on too long.
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