The Deserted Island is a Post-Area 3 location in LISA: THE PAINFUL. Visiting it is part of the main storyline, and it requires the Boat to be completely finished in order to get there.


Story[edit | edit source]

Once Tardy has helped Brad over the Sea and further towards Buddy, he becomes excited and tells Brad that he wants some "action", with Brad shutting him down. Tardy objects due to him not working for free and expecting Buddy as a reward and fights Brad. Many bottles are found to litter the island, implying that whomever inhabits it, is an alcoholic. Before entering, pick up all of the bottles, they will be needed.


Inside, Brad surprisingly finds Marty along with Buddy. This accelerates his further Joy induced rage. He has an option to Kill Marty or to Let him live, each having the same outcome in the end. Brad charges into Marty however Buddy stands in between them, to which Brad hits Buddy away in a fit of rage, wanting to kill the man that started all of this.


During the fight, Buddy will jump in to defend Marty, however in Brad's inevitable transformation, attacks Buddy, the girl he wanted to save, in a fit of rage. All Buddy can do is cry. Once cast aside, Brad deals the final blow and mortally wounds Marty.


Marty pleas with Brad that he's changed and apologies to Lisa, however just the mention of her name forces Brad into a Joy induced rampage, slaughtering him.


Brad returns to nothing but a pile of meat, belonging to the former Marty Armstrong. The track 'Love' plays.


In order to proceed to Rando Land, Brad must use the corpse of Tardy Hernandez to reach his destination over the sea.

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