A middle-aged man who really loves to party. He's typically hungover.


Party Member
Full Name Dick Richard Dickson
Nickname Dick

Salvasion Pink or just Pink

Class Party Boy
Equip Types
Weapon Types Boomerang
Armor Types Accessory / Shawl / Mask
Skill Types Dance
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Hungover * 80%
Joy Addict
"I'm like... a party swan, and dude... I gotta soar, man."
―Dick Dickson
Dick Dickson, AKA Salvation Pink, or just "Pink", is a lazy middle-aged man who roleplays with his Salvation Ranger pals. He can be recruited by witnessing the second Salvation Ranger cutscene in Construction.


Name: Dick Richard Dickson

Fighting Art: XMA

Past Occupation Unemployed

Likes: EDM

Favorite Food: Energy Drinks & Fast Food

Most Hated Thing: His Overbearing Parents

A burnout party guy in his 40's, Dick leeched off his Mother to survive. Now he 'role-plays' with his fellow Salvation Ranger pals.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Dick Bio
Dick is a balding man in his 40s who usually dons his Pink Ranger outfit, with glasses underneath. He is mostly found hungover due to his affinity for partying and lack of commitment.

How to Invite to PartyEdit

Dick Preview
Dick can be found in the second area of Construction reached by going into the large Door in Area 2 and go to the bottom of the cave. Head east. Once on the second screen of Construction, head down to the bottom left down a rope, and you will meet the Rangers, in which Blake will break character to note that Dick is out of uniform.

After losing commitment to the Rangers, Dick will join Brad's party.


Dick is a very useful and speedy party member with a multitude of different attacks. One of his most devastating moves, Big Machine Gun Thrust, can hit a target up to 5 times at once and add up to well more than 1,000+ damage in a single turn. His Party Time abilities are also some of the best full-party stat buffs in the game, and if Dick is ever low on TP his Rager Pose can easily replenish enough back to be good for another 2 or 3 whole turns.

Unfortunately Dick suffers from Joy Addiction. When he is under the effects of withdrawal, much like Queen Roger, his attacks miss very frequently and if he does make contact with a target the damage output only goes as far as 30 or 40 at worst. Because of this heavy setback when under withdrawal Dick is forced back solely as a support member, which doesn't make him terribly useful if the team is already in Party Mode.


Skill Name Description Level Learned TP Cost
Party Foul A direct kick to groin. Capable of stunning. 1 5
Machine Gun Thrust A series of devastating pelvic thrusts. 1 10
Gainer A cool backflip kick! 11 15
Headspin Slide on by! Makes the enemies fall down. 14 15
Party Time! Start an awesome party in the middle of battle. Gets everyone hyped up! 16 25
Party Pose Strike a TP recovering pose. 19 0
Rager Pose Strike a TP recovering pose. 20 0
Big Machine Gun Thrust A series of devastating pelvic thrusts. 22 20
Perfect Headspin Slide on by! Makes the enemies fall down. 23 20
Final Party Time! Party like God on his birthday. 25 10


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
13 1050 210 24 31 31 31 85 62

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • Hey man... Like... Whatever, man.
  • Cool maaan...
  • Dude, quiet down...

Default Equipment Edit


  • Dick is one of the survivors of the Fall of the Salvation Rangers, the only other survivor being Tooley.
  • Dick was originally yellow, but then he became pink while his yellow costume became a separate character.
  • Cheeks has battle sprites that are strikingly similar to Dick's, meaning he is a rework of Cheeks.
  • Dick has a version of all his battle sprites, but with out his mask.


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