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Dingaling Productions is a Coloradan one-man studio headed by Austin Jorgensen (also known as Dingaling and Widdly 2 Diddly), under which Austin Jorgensen produced all of the LISA games. The only person who worked on LISA directly other than Jorgensen is Marina Hova, who among other things worked on the soundtrack for LISA: The Joyful alongside Jorgensen.

Currently, Jorgensen is developing a game by the name of Ninja Tears, which has little to no information known about it.

He has a brother, Miles Jorgensen, who developed the game Air Marty under the name Dipster Productions. Austin provided some of the art for Air Marty along with helping out with other aspects of production.[1]


  • Austin is actually a professional martial artist, leading to LISA: The Painful RPG's emphasis on and jokes about Kung Fu, including Bob Friday's McDojo where you can just buy a diploma.
  • In the credits for LISA: The Painful RPG and LISA: The Joyful, Austin credits himself as writer, artist, creator, and musician—just under different names each time.
  • While mourning, Jorgensen went by the name LOVEBRADgames/Entertainment out of love and respect for his late father Brad Jorgensen—the namesake of Brad Armstrong—although eventually, he went back to using the name Dingaling Productions.

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