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The Dojos are locations in which a Dojo master resides. They each have a task for Brad to fulfill. Once this task has been completed he will be gifted with an item that grants huge bonuses to his battle prowess.

Dojo 1Edit


The first Dojo to be found is east of Aurora Town's Blackout Building. Here, Bill Muhammad can be found to the right. Upon posing, he will request Brad to fall of the adjacent cliff until he sees Brad's worth. Brad must then climb the rope and fall off the cliff 15 times in order for Bill to see Brads worth. Make sure you fall on the blood puddle side of the cliff, otherwise the falls will not count. This deals 10 damage each fall totaling 150 damage, so be careful. Once spoken to after this, he will reward Brad with the Muhammad Style Scroll, an item that adds 8 Max HP, 8 DEF and 8 Magic DEF to any party member.

Dojo 2Edit

To the west of the Road To Construction, if the ropes above the entrance are climbed and the gaps jumped Dojo 2 can be found. In order to fulfill Arty's patience test, Brad must wait on top of the barrels for a total of 150 seconds (2 1/2 minutes). Once completed, Arty will automatically congratulate Brad on his patience and award him a Gonzalo Style Scroll, an item that adds 5 max Mp, and 5 max S.ATK.

Dojo 3Edit

The third Dojo is found when entering Skull Town. It is run by Kangy. Drop down immediately to the left and you will find Dojo 3. In order to win, you must beat his cousin, Cousin Alfonso Christ. Upon defeating him, Brad will be gifted a Christ Style Scroll, and item that adds 8 max ATK and 8 max S.ATK.

Dojo 4Edit

The fourth Dojo is found when going down the well to Bloodmoon Mountain. The entrance is a hole in the wall on the fourth floor down. This is the most difficult Dojo and will test Brad's strength and will. He must walk over a large group of rakes, each hitting him in the face. After the long ordeal, Brad will be given the Doomsday Style Scroll, an item that adds 5 ATK, 5 DEF, 5 AGI, 5 S.ATK, and 5 S.DEF to any selected party member.

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