The Eternal Wrestling Championship, abbreviated EWC, is a location in LISA: THE PAINFUL. It isn't much more than a large wrestling ring surrounded by two small buildings to the left and right, inside which are a bed for wrestlers and a sign-up room respectively. However, the namesake of the EWC is held here, and Brad can choose to participate. The EWC's modes allow for great gains of experience points, as well as items and unlocking two party members, Sonny Backluwitz and Shocklord.


  • Eternal Championship: Brad fights solo matches against an opponent. Defeating the first opponent will unlock the bed to the left of the ring. WARNING: Beating this mode will prevent you from using the EWC anymore, in all three modes. Defeating the final opponent Death Queen will unlock the Eternal Title Belt as well as the possibility to recruit Sonny Backluwitz.
  • Tag Team Championship: Brad is joined by Shocklord, a tough wrestler. Similarly to Eternal Championship, Brad and Shocklord will fight several wrestling teams. Beating this mode will unlock two Tag Team Title Belts and Shocklord as a companion, without any repercussions.
  • Dystopian Rumble: Brad and his gang will face off against a mix of four different wrestlers at once. This mode cannot be beaten, but it is one of the best ways to grind experience points in the entire game.

EWC Notes Edit

  • Remember to make sure you've done everything you want to do at the EWC before taking on Death Queen, as losing access means you can no longer recruit Shocklord if you haven't already, as well as being locked out from grinding experience in the Dystopian Rumble.

Wrestle Village Edit

To the far east, past the door is Wrestle Village, often missed.

First, is a camp, to which Brad can obtain Bottles of Soup.

To the top is a shop containing the following items:

Sonny Bio
Further to the east, up a rope is the cave of Sonny Backluwitz, a possible Party Member. Sonny will join Brad if he has won the Eternal Championship (And thus disabled the EWC)

To the end is a man blocking the path to Mike's Cargo. He advises that the 'Devil's Machine' is beyond and that nothing is to return once entered.

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