Garbage Day

Garbage Island is a location in LISA: THE PAINFUL, accessed by the Boat Shore in the Area 2 Crossroads while using the Garbage Map, obtained in the Fishman Town. It is, as the name implies, a massive trash heap in the middle of the ocean, populated by various slobs. Brad may go cart racing near the island's entrance by talking to the race coordinator, who charges 10 mags to join and gives a 20 mag prize for winning, netting Brad 10 mags at a time. If Brad chooses to go through the rest of Garbage Island, he will find it to be a long path filled with enemies, and at the end, he will find Ollie's bar.

Once Garbage Island is reached, a man with a paper bag in his head will sneer at Brad as he doesn't like his smell. In order to pass, buy a Nugget from Morty's Yard Sale in the east of Bob's Dojo and use it. You should also be able to equip an Old Sock or Stench to get the same effect. The man will let Brad pass. Just as you enter to the top is a Save Crow.
Fly Bio
To the top right is Fly Minetti, a possible Party Member. He can possibly join brad, if beaten in a cart race.

Cart RaceGuy
Below Fly is the Cart Race organiser. He will offer Brad to take part in Cart Racing. It will cost you 10 mags to join a race and if won, you will get 20 mags back for a 10 mag profit.

Cart Guys
You will need to face four opponents, with your final opponent being Fly. Once in the race, you will need to mash the space bar in order to accelerate. Once you have beaten Fly, speak to him above the Racing Coodinator and he will join your party.

Road to OlliesEdit

To the east is the road to Ollies, a tough road leading to his bar. On the way, there are many random encounters of Lunatic Fridges, Lunatic Trash and Lunatic Boxes.

Next to a radio, is a bag of Fancy Perfume.

On the next screen of the path, half way across is a bag of 40 mags and an Empty Bottle. Above this is a Joy Mutant, called Georgy.


Once at Ollies, Brad fights Tom Brightside Miller. After a quick right, Ollie's can be entered, along with a camp to the east and a Save Crow.

Once inside, Ollie Nickels will note how bad of a business decision it was to buy a business so far along a dangerous road and that he is in huge amount of debt. He will join Brad's party after Brad pays one of his debts, with the one you pay off being 2 mags.



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