A wandering artist. It's unclear what his motives are, but he really likes to draw dirty stuff.
Party Member
Full Name Unknown
Nickname Garth
Class Artist
Equip Types
Weapon Types Pencil
Armor Types Mask / Nude / Accessory
Skill Types Draw
Target Rate 65%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Lock Equip Weapon
"Hello, friend! I don't get many visitors... Not a lot of people appreciate art these days.. You thought it was hard to make a living off of art in the past? I tell ya, it's a whole 'nother story now! Haha! So, now I make a living drawing dirty pictures...I can't complain!"

Garth is an Artist found near Area 2. He will join Brad's party if Brad gives him Inspiration in the form of Porno Mags.


Name: Garth

Fighting Art: The Power of the Pen

Past Occupation Artist

Likes: Nudity

Favorite Food: Gummy Candy

Most Hated Thing: Wasted Creativity

Garth is a wandering Pornographer, a school of people who research ancient ruins and try to interpret what exactly sexuality used to be like in the before times. He paints vivid tapestries of the glorious images. When he creates a true work of art, it calls out the deepest emotions from those around him, changing the course of battle. No matter the tools in his hands, from a piece of chalk and a big rock to the pointiest pencil and fine print paper, he'll work day and night to depict the pinnacle of erotic imagery.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Garth Bio
Garth is a mostly nude male, wearing a pink shawl and what's assumed to be a diaper, his underwear or rags. Before the White Flash he was an artist and has used this skill after the event. He spends his time drawing sexy women, as none survived, and uses these skills in battle.

How to invite to partyEdit

Garth Bio2
Garth is found in the cave between Area 2 and Sands. You will need to use TNT to blow up the rock blocking the cave entrance at the bottom.

Head down the ropes and enter the door on the bottom right. Speak to Garth and once given 150 Mags, he will join Brad's party,


Garth can be described as an all around solid support member. His main niche is his ability to buff an ally's attack power by showing them pornography, which proves to be a substantial amount of help when used on party members who have combo-based skills. Additionally he has a wide array of skills that cause enemies a number of status ailments, ranging from pissing them off to outright scaring them. His normal attack, while causing very weak damage, has a good chance to also cause poisoning to the target, which can actually come in handy and costs no SP to use.

Garth's main drawback though is that aside from his normal attack he has no way of actually damaging enemies. Not only that but every single one of his skills are single target only, making him less useful as a support member than Bo Wyatt. Another one of his drawbacks is that all his skills work on his hit rate, meaning they have a chance to miss, and this chance becomes higher if Garth is crying or blinded. Garth also isn't really durable. Unlike Bo, however, his range of status ailments and stat buffs are much larger than Bo's movepool.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Risky Drawing Show off some risky pictures... Raises attack. 1 10
Uncomfortable Drawing Show off some weird pictures... Makes an ally defensive. 10 10
Agreeable Drawing Show off some decent pictures... Cures many aliments. 15 15
Questionable Drawing Show off some heinous pictures... Enrages an opponent. 18 15
Perplexing Drawing Show off some odd pictures... Confuses an opponent. 20 20
Unspeakable Drawing Show off some explicit pictures... Stuns an opponent. 21 15
Artistic Discussion Drone on about the finer points of art. Often puts people to sleep. 23 20
Creepy Drawing Show off some very uneasy pictures... Scares an opponent. 25 20


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
8 800 208 18 18 25 25 50 50

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • Did they see my work?
  • Death... A true work of art...
  • Glorious!
  • Back to my artwork...

Default Equipment Edit



  • Most of his skills have good buffs and debuff skills. He can be useful for applying status inflict on enemy pretty early, but not great as Fly Minetti's puke skill.
  • Garth's Agreeable Drawing is broken, Austin forgot to make it work on an ally so this move helps the enemy.


  • He is the persona of Hunter M. , known for their NSFW art and webcomic Light Earth Defenders
  • Garth is one of six party members created by a Kickstarter backer, although there were supposed to be ten.[1]
  • Garth has the lowest target rate, meaning that enemies will mostly go after everyone else

References Edit

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