What kind of man lies beneath all these feathers? He speaks only in riddles and rhymes.
Party Member
Full Name Barry Thompson
Nickname Geese
Class Avioon
Equip Types
Weapon Types Wristband
Armor Types Accessory / Bird Mask / Poncho / Blouse / Shawl
Skill Types Pecking
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Lock Equip Head
Seal Equip: Shield
"Being humane, brings nothing but pain."

Geese is a Serial Killer who speaks in rhymes and dons a Goose mask. He can join Brad's party if you sleep in the Inn where Geese resides.


Name: Barry "Geese" Thompson

Fighting Art: Facial Strike Force

Past Occupation School Teacher

Likes: Looking cool in the eyes of others

Favorite Food: ???

Most Hated Thing: Not being the center of attention

Barry was known as Olathe's most notorious serial killer. His trademark was to peck his victims to death with his plastic beak mask. He then would leave rhymes he wrote on the body. Ironically, Geese tried to leave clues about his true identity in his rhymes; The only problem was, Geese is not very creative, and he is a bit simple-minded. His poorly constructed clues misled police more than they aided them.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Geese Bio
Geese is an ex-Serial Killer who dons a Goose mask. He speaks entirely in badly written rhymes.

How to Invite to PartyEdit

Geese Preview1
Geese can be found in the Inn located on the way to Construction. To get to the Inn, head into the large Door in Area 2 and go to the bottom of the cave. Head east and into the Inn. Speak to the weird Inn Keeper and sleep at the Inn for 10 mags. Each time you sleep at the Inn Geese will give you a different Poem. Once you have slept at the Inn 4 times, speak to him and he will force himself into Brad's party.

Geese poems :

  • "Sleeping is the best time for weeping."
  • "Being humane, brings nothing but pain."
  • "Too many somersaults, will make you sick like a sea salt."
  • "In my mind I just pretend. My brain is my only true friend."
  • "I see bright future for your band... I think I'd like to lend my hand."


Geese is a solid party member with very useful status moves such as Paralyzing Peck and Deep Poison Peck. In addition he boasts a decently powerful normal attack, along with an acceptable amount of speed and luck. He is a great addition for a developing team, but may not prove to be as useful towards the end game.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Super Peck A falling face slam. 5 11
Ultra Peck A falling face slam. 10 22
Poison Peck A falling face slam, with a poison dipped beak. 13 33
Hyper Peck A falling face slam. 17 17
Magnificent Peck A falling face slam. 20 33
Deep Poison Peck A falling face slam, with a poison dipped beak. 21 44
Paralyzing Peck A falling face slam to vital pressure points. 22 44
Flightless Bird A solid attempt at flying. Ends in a crash landing. 23 55


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
11 832 292 22 21 39 40 77 81

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • Victory? Or misery?
  • Winner before dinner!
  • Progress is a process...
  • No treasure... Whatsoever.

Default Equipment Edit



  • Geese deals more damage when battling Tiger Man at Bob's Dojo. He is recommended to make the Tiger Man fight easier.
  • Geese is a lot like Rage in that he relies on raw offence, as like Rage his skills are mostly stronger versions of the last.
  • Geese does have some status inflicting skills, but unlike Rage they don't do any damage.


  • All of Geese's skills are magic attacks. With this in mind, this makes wristbands worthless since they only increases his ATK instead of SATK.
  • Out of all the party members, Geese has the least amount of sprites, having a whole 3. (Standing, fallen and roulette).
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