Joy Lives in Me
Green's House is the home of the Green Ranger, located next to the Area 2 Crossroads in LISA: THE JOYFUL. It contains the Joy Mask, a requirement to get into the Joy Lab and get the LISA Epilogue.

Area 2 Crossroads Edit

Green's House is accessed by the Area 2 Crossroads, once the TNT and Green Helmet has been obtained from Widdly 2 Diddley Valley, the rock can be blown up and entered.

Hidden Cave Edit

In the cave to Green's is a Joy Mutant, Harry who looks curiously similar to Marty Armstrong towards the end of LISA: THE FIRST. Once defeated he will drop the Big Blade, the best weapon in LISA: THE JOYFUL.

Green's House Edit

Outside, you will find Tooley, the Green Ranger. If Buddy speaks to Tooley without her mask, he will notes how Buddy looks 'cute' however Buddy will push him aside as he is unable to fight. Once all leaders are defeated, come back to visit Tooley to unlock an achievement.

Inside Green's House Edit

Once inside, walk onto the right hand cloth and hit the action button.

In the long corridor of cloths, each one of them apart from one will return to the start. In order to continue, use the 6th cloth from the left.

After 19 punches on the punching bag, a hole in the floor will appear.

Further down is a room full of Joy Mask wearing thugs. They won't speak to Buddy until Buddy picks up and wears the Joy Mask. They will make comments such as

"Did you enjoy watching your dad change?,

"Stay away from Joy",

"Don't worry, Buzzo doesn't want us to touch you"

"You are free now"

Once the Joy mask is obtained, the Joy Lab can be accessed in Village One.

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