A shifty Fishman lawyer. For whatever reason he speaks great English, but not Fishman...
Party Member
Full Name Harvey Alibastor
Nickname Harvey
Class Lawyer
Equip Types
Weapon Types Sub Machine Gun
Armor Types Accessory / Nude / Small Shield / Hat
Skill Types Powers / Advisory
Target Rate 70%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
"My CLIENT... Says he is innocent of this crime... BUT! He is guilty of saying you suck eggs. ... Your wife's eggs."

Harvey is a Party Member found in the Fishman Town after a decisive court battle with the Fishmen of the town due to Brad's theft of the Garbage Map.


Name: Harvey Alibastor

Fighting Art: Justice System

Past Occupation Wasn't around in the past

Likes: Messing with people

Favorite Food: Green Paste

Most Hated Thing: Humans

A lone Fishman raised by humans. Harvey grew up resenting his parents for forcing him to study so much. Harvey is a master of manipulation.

Appearance and Personality

Harvey Preview2.PNG

Harvey is a fish that has mutated after the events of the White Flash. He is simply a fish with legs protruding below him with a bowler hat. He has the ability to speak English and ironically he is unable to speak the language of the Fish People. He takes his job as a lawyer very lightly and will take any chance to insult his client and imply his clients relation with the judge's wife.

How to invite to party


In order to invite Harvey to Brad's party, you must first visit Fishman Town. In order to get to the Fishman Town, head to Muddy Waters, through the bottom right hand door in Area 2 and heading East.

Head to the second screen to the east from the entrance to Muddy Waters (And the park scene if you haven't already).Travel to the gap, pictured, and drop down without a bike. You will now be in Fishman Town.

Harrvey Map.PNG

Once here, travel to the Fishmen Town and climb to the top to find two Fishmen looking at a map. Pick up this map and let Harvey assist you with getting out of court. Once finished Harvey will request to join Brad's party.


Harvey is a very useful party member with a surprising amount of HP and well-balanced skills. His main quirk is the very humorous ability to throw legal documents at the enemy which, not only cause various mental status effects, but may also cause paper cuts and induce bleeding. Additionally Harvey's Soak ability can cure many status affects on a single party member.

One of Harvey's drawbacks is that his skills are pretty expensive. He also has a water gun ability, but while it may be strong the drawback is that it cures enemies who are suffering from burning. Overall though Harvey is an all-around very useful party member.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Water Gun A high pressure blast of water. 1 30
Soak Spray your teammate with water. Cures many ailments. 1 10
Slander Throw slanderous paperwork at the enemy. It's very upsetting. (May cause papercuts.) 10 30
Wrongful Accusation Throw confusing paperwork at the enemy. Creates much confusion. (May cause papercuts.) 14 30
Water Gun 2 A high pressure blast of water. 17 40
Restraining Order Legally convince the enemy to stop attacking you. (May cause papercuts.) 20 30
Legal Jargin Throw boring paperwork at the enemy. Puts them to sleep. (May cause papercuts.) 22 30
Water Gun 3 A high pressure blast of water. 24 50


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
15 1705 304 25 24 43 31 56 67

Battle Quotes

Win Quotes

Level Quotes

Drop Quotes

  • Legally, we are not okay.
  • Justice, baby!
  • The law always wins.
  • Grab it all.

Default Equipment



  • If you have Harvey in your team, it's best not to have a character that can inflict the burning status like Crisp Or RT.


  • Even him being a fishman, he doesn't understand any fishman language.
  • The name Harvey may be a reference to Harvey Birdman, as they both have the same name and are lawyers.
  • His name may also be a reference to Harvey Dent, who was a district attorney before he became the Batman villain Two-Face.
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