Hawk Hollywood
Battler Hollywood
Enemy information
HP 19000 ATK 400
SP 888 DEF 10
SATK 10 AGI 200
SDEF 222 LUCK 10
Exp 4000 Mags 8
Item Drops
1/1 chance of USA Flag
HIT * 100% EVA * 10%
Attack Element: Physical Water * 200%
State Resist: Fallen Scared * 50%
State Resist: Stun
Smile Always 4
Wild Strike! Always 5
Woo! Always 4
Hollywood Hustle Always 5
Fatal Chomp Always 2
Heart Squeeze Always 2
"Are you ready for beauty? You're not... But too bad! TOO BAD!"
―Hawk Hollywood
Hawk Hollywood appears in LISA: THE PAINFUL. He is a Warlord of Olathe, ranked #9 on The List.


A flashy superstar proudly displaying his good looks and patriotism. Hawk is a narcissist who is greatly disliked by his peers. He guards the Mint Cloth, making him one of the last required bosses in the game.



  • Hawk Hollywood's battle theme is 'Die Die Die!'.
  • His "Woo!" attack gives himself the Super Cool status effect, which greatly heals his HP each turn for quite some time. This is best counteracted with poison, burning, or bleed.
  • Hawk is weak to water, so Harvey and Crisp could be Effective in battling him.

Trivia Edit

  • In LISA: THE PAINFUL whilst playing Pain Mode he will appear as a long necked Joy Mutant; similar to a flagpole displaying his patriotism.
  • Hawk Hollywood's "Woo!" is most likely a reference to wrestler Ric Flair, who also blurts "Woo!" out when excited.
  • Hawk Hollywood is one of the few supposed non-mutant enemies with the move Fatal Chomp.
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