Holly Wood is a location in LISA: THE PAINFUL connected to Area 3 Crossroads. It is the area of the Warlord, Hawk Hollywood. The goal of the area is to obtain the Mint Cloth for the boat to the last area of the game.



In order to proceed, use the bike to jump over the man with flat hair.

Further on is an odd man, huddled over. If interacted with, he will explode and reduce health of all party members to 1. As such, it's recommended that he is avoided.

To the bottom right is a man in the way in a see-saw, the first instance of this area-specific mechanic. In order to get him to move, climb to the top right and jump down on the see-saw. The man will fly into the window of the adjacent building.

Then, enter the building and jump out of the windows to launch the next person.

If you enter the building again to meet the man you just flung, he won't be as calm as the other one, and Perry Prichard will fight Brad.

Continuing on, there is a wrecking ball above a see-saw. Enter and operate the machine, select level 2, and jump down onto the see-saw. On the second level is a bag of Horse Jerky. On the first level is a shop.

Jump up to the third level and continue right, a camp can be found that can fill up Empty Bottles to make Bottles of Soup.

Jump down the right cliff to then jump into the see-saw. This will move Brad into the next area.

If the Salvation Rangers have been met in Construction 2 and Sands, they will be found at the top of the next area as Joy Mutants.

Blue can be found next to the decapitated head of Black, and, when approached, Blue will fight Brad. Be careful, as Blue has a move that can permanently kill a party member.

Further to the right is Hawk Hollywood. He will gloat to Brad about his perfection and will initiate a fight. Be aware that Hawk has two fatal moves.

If Pain Mode is active, Hawk will be a Joy Mutant and will be more of a threat to Brad. His skill, Fatal Chomp can permanently kill a party member, and it's much more common to see than Heart Squeeze on normal mode.

Once Hawk is defeated, continue right to pick up the Mint Cloth and return to the Area 3 Crossroads.

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