Junior Weeks
Full Name Junior Weeks
Race Human
Sex Male
Relationships Rick - Adoptive Father
Shelly - Mother
Affiliation None
Junior, is a minor character in LISA: THE PAINFUL and the 'son' of Rick. Before the events of the White Flash he lived with his parents Shelly and Rick and his father friend Brad.

Appearence and PersonalityEdit

Junior is a black muscular looking man. Junior has a long squared face, thick eyebrows, small dots as eyes and a large nose. Junior has a large mouth with equally mo-mungus lips. Junior wears a red and white cap, white tank top, a red belt with a gold belt buckle and black pants. Junior is very apathetic toward his father, having been unresponsive and generally rude whenever Rick tries to bond with him. He shows much indifference towards Rick and Shelly.


Junior is the adopted 'son' of Richard Weeks and the biological son of Shelly Weeks, His biological father is not known. Junior only appears in one of Brad's flashbacks upon finishing dinner he shows up coming downstairs, Rick tries to engage in conversation with him but he answers "Fuck you old man" and leaves.

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