Larry Stintz
Larry Desk
Full Name Larry Stintz
Race Human
Sex Male
Affiliation None
Role Easy Mode
Location LISA: The Joyful
"What's that? Bad guys too tough? Not enough jerky? You don't want to take Joy!? Say no more, you've come to the right place!"

Description Edit

Larry Stintz is a character in LISA: THE JOYFUL, who is located at Joyful Crossroads 2 past a cave that's located underneath that area's save crow. He is visually identical to Terry Hintz in almost every way except that he sports a teal colored leopard tank top and a sweet stache.

Larry's purpose in The Joyful is that he runs a mode called Easy Mode, which he claims will make the game much easier for the player.

Your Boyfriend
Battler larry stintz
Enemy information
HP 2 ATK 1
SP 0 DEF 10
SATK 10 AGI 999
Exp 999999 Mags 0
HIT * 95% EVA * 5%
Attack Element: Physical
Dirty Insult Always 3

Brad Armstrong
Battler stuffed brad
Enemy information
HP 2 ATK 110
SP 200 DEF 19
Exp 999999 Mags 0
Attack Element: Physical Collapse Effect: Boss
HIT * 100% State Resist: Fallen
State Resist: Scared Stun * 50%
State Resist: Paralysis State Resist: Paralysis
State Resist: Confusion State Resist: Sleep
State Resist: Flustered
Stall Always 3
lost Always 5

Easy Mode Edit

It costs 300 mags to activate "Easy Mode." If Buddy chooses to pay it then it will officially activate. It starts out with Larry giving Buddy an incredibly overpowered item called a Foam Stick, which increases her Attack and S. Attack by about 500 points if equipped. Larry will also give her "way too much jerky" (99 Domestic Jerky to be exact) as well.

Easy mode essentially consists of only two bosses: Your Boyfriend (which is just Larry dressed in a tough guy outfit) and a scarecrow dressed to resemble Brad Armstrong. Both of these "bosses" only have 2 HP and will each give 999,999 EXP when defeated.

After the last boss is beaten Larry will congratulate Buddy on winning and a big thumbs up statue will materialize in place of the scarecrow. A big THE END screen will pop up moments later, and then take the player back to the main menu.

Trivia Edit

  • Easy Mode was included in an update on September 11th, 2015, and was presumably added as a joke by the creator Austin Jorgenson in response to a misbehaving Steam user complaining about the DLC being too hard.
  • If the player chooses to pay out 300 mags to activate Easy Mode they will be unable to go back. This means they will not be able to take the weapon they got, the 99 jerky, or the experience they earned back out to the main area.
  • The yellow hair on Larry's head is the same hair given to Brad and Rick by Men's Hair Presidents in the demo.
  • He is no way related to Terry Hintz or Men's Hair Presidents in any way, shape, or form.
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