Marty's House is located within the past Neighborhood. It is where Brad and Lisa grew up and where they were abused by Marty. It is in disrepair and has very little decoration.

Inside Martys

Story Edit

As young Brad enters the house after being beaten up by the bullies, he finds his father Marty sitting on the sofa and watching TV. Marty shouts at Brad for being beaten up again and being a wimp, refusing to buy Brad another shirt, implying Brad gets beaten up on a regular basis. Marty proceeds to throw empty beer bottles at Brad, calling him a "worthless shit kid" and tells him to go to his room. As he goes to his room he curls up in a ball and cries to himself alone with no one to comfort him.

Layout Edit

Inside Marty's HouseEdit

Downstairs is where Marty spends most of his day, watching TV and drinking beer. The TV spouts near gibberish and horrific noises along with people laughing. Behind Marty is the outline of a picture frame, this was probably an old picture of Marty and his absent wife.

Inside Marty's UpstairsEdit

Upstairs is where Brad's room is located. The left door is locked and is assumed to be Marty's room. The middle room leads to Brad's room, which upon entering begins a time skip. The door on the right leads to a Baby's room, presumably Lisa's.

Baby's RoomEdit

Child's Call-150%

In the door to the right is a baby dressed in a white sheet inside a cot. As the song inside the room is a sped up version of Child's Call, which is based on many other songs from LISA: THE PAINFUL, that this baby is indeed Lisa. She is left by herself in a room filled with no objects beside piles of clothes and a beer bottle. As Marty has had two children, it is currently unknown where their mother is currently located.

Brad's RoomEdit

Brad's room is as sparse as every other room in Marty's house, populated only by a dirty dresser and an unclean bed. As Brad enters his room, he curls up and cries. After crying, a time skip occurs to Brad a few years later, to Brad's House, after the White Flash.

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