Mrs. Armstrong
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""Lisa... Is that you? Lisa I.. I'm sorRy. III'mmM soRRy... LiiiiisSSAAAAAAA..... I Did'NT waaaaaa.... NNt Too LEEEave. Liiiiiisssssaaaaa. I didddd'nt WANT to diiiEEE. Liisa, I looveEE YouU. Doooon't gooooo!! YOOu can't.... You can't run...""
―Marty! Mrs. Armstrong to Lisa

Story[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Armstrong was the mother of Lisa and Brad, and the wife of Marty. She is dead for unknown reasons, which has led to much speculation as to who or what caused her death.

There have been theories that Mrs Armstrong died in labor or after the birth of Brad and Lisa due to complications or even an infection. After the death of Brad and Lisa’s mother, Marty takes it out on his kids, abusing them. He shows very little care to Brad. Lisa, on the other hand, had been physically abused in part due to her resembling her mother (i.e her long black hair).

LISA: THE FIRST[edit | edit source]

In LISA: THE FIRST, Mrs. Armstrong is only seen once. She can be seen facing away from Lisa in the true ending, only to turn around revealing that her face is Marty's. Her actual face is never seen.

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