Muddy Water is a swamp connected to the Area 2 Crossroads leading to Muddy Town, Fishman Town and The Beehive. While walking around, Poisonous Snakes will attack.

Black out Cave[edit | edit source]

The cave leading from Area 2 contains Shadowy Figures that appear randomly while walking through. This is a good place to farm EXP if you don't like the EWC or Muscle Cave.

Muddy Town[edit | edit source]


Located west from the entrance, the main attraction in Muddy Town is Bo Wyatt, invitable to Brad's party if the Old Record from Muscle Cave is obtained and played on the record player. The bar here sells the following:

Muddy Waters[edit | edit source]


At the right side of the first screen right of the entrance, behind some grass, is a light bag containing a Cocola Cola.

Continuing east will begin a flashback of Brad with his karate students and Dusty. Once this has been completed, continue east to the second area of Muddy Waters. A gap below a tree can be jumped down and transports Brad to Fishman Town.

Muddy Rest[edit | edit source]


Exiting to the east is a camp that can be slept in, having the standard negative/positive camp effects. Continuing to the east will lead to The Beehive.

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