The Neighborhood is the first area of LISA: THE PAINFUL. It is seen while Brad is very young and before the White Flash. It is a scenic area of Olathe and is home to many picturesque houses.

Child's Call-50%
Neighborhood 1

Story Edit

The Neighborhood is located in an unknown area of Olathe. It is where Brad and Lisa grew up and where Marty Armstrong is located. The story begins with Brad attempting to defend Rick, Cheeks and Sticky from a group of bullies. Brad lied to the bullies about stealing their ball and takes the boys' punches instead.

After Brad is beaten up, he walks to Marty's house to be beaten further.

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Playground Past Edit


Thanks Brad...

The Playground is west of the Neighborhood and is where the game starts. Brad is shown to already be defending people with little regard for his safety. After Brad gets beaten up instead, Rick will thank Brad for taking the beating and says that he didn't need to. Further on in Path to the Beginning, it is found that the boy with the ball is in fact Columbo and his to-be henchmen.

Hobo Past Edit


To the west of the Playground is a cliff with a man (Mr. Angoneli) sitting under a tree. It's speculated that Mr. Angoneli is Sticky's father. Because on Brad's hallucination after reuniting with Buddy he sees Mr. Angoneli and he asks Brad if he has seen "Tony." Furthermore, at some point in the game Brad calls Sticky "Tony", and Sticky states that his father was the only other person to ever call him Tony. Tony is also a name of Italian origin. Likewise Angoneli is a Last name of Italian origin.

Marty's Edit


Thanks Brad...

To the east is Marty's house. This is where Brad and Lisa used to live. It is a decrepit house with the windows broken and the boards in disrepair. This is the house in which Lisa was kept and eventually committed suicide due to Marty's abuse. The song played is Child's Call, slowed to 50%. It is based on one of the main songs from Lisa, showing how this new place is not as new as we think.

NeighborHood Glasses

Olathe...It's perfect.

To the east of Marty's house is a man in a brown suit and black shades. He remarks to Brad how beautiful Olathe is. He is speculated to be Yado.

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