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Nice Homes, or Nice Neighborhood, is a location found around the second crossroads. It can be accessed from a small cave to the right of the middle ledge after Brad receives TNT. It features several destroyed and dilapidated homes that once belonged to the researchers of Dr. Yado's Joy project, and is infested with several Creeps - failed attempts by the scientists to create super soldiers. The music that plays here is "Blood for Sex".

If the player is playing on Pain Mode, then Brad will also have access to the Joy Lab on the far right.

Notes Edit

  • In the basement of the second house from the neighborhood entrance, a Creep can be seen in the third house's basement that resembles a regular Joy Mutant - bloated and stretched as opposed to a Creep's standard humanoid figure. This area can not be accessed, however, as the entrance to the basement in the third house is blockaded.
    Creep mutant higherres

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