The world of Olathe is the area that LISA: The First, LISA: The Painful RPG, and LISA: The Joyful take place in. Prior to the White Flash, it was a lush, green landscape populated by a fairly normal human civilization, but afterward it is mostly desolate and empty, save for the few settlements created and preserved by men and the many holes made home by Joy mutants.

It is separated into eastern and western Olathe. LISA: The Painful and presumably LISA: The First takes place in the west part, and LISA: The Joyful takes place in the east part. The border between western and eastern Olathe is called The List, and Olathe itself is controlled by the Warlords in the list and Rando's Army.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Olathe could be a landscape in the USA, as most characters speak english and US-flags also are seen in the game (Hawk Hollywood is wearing the flag).
  • There is a city in the Kansas City Metro Area called “Olathe”. With Kansas City being a place where atomic bombs would hit in in case of an atomic war, the Great White Flash could be an atomic war.
  • The name is from a real city in Kansas and Colorado, and is pronounced 'o-layth-uh'. [1]
  • The name is also an anagram of the word "loathe", perhaps reflecting the painful nature of the world.
  • There are no women in Olathe, though there may be outside of it. [2]
  • The most common foodstuffs Brad comes across are jerky and beer. Salting meat preserves it and negates the need for electronic refrigeration. Alcohol sterilizes bacteria, making it the safest beverage available in the absence of proper sanitation. This makes sense considering that there's a dearth of electricity and utilities in Olathe on account of it being a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The only sources of water in Olathe, besides the Fishmen's swamp and the sea Shardy traverses, are sporadic hand pumps. These typically give you bottles of dirty water, making liquor the only real source of hydration that won't make you sick.
  • Genetics are what gives some people in Olathe their powers. [3]
  • Transgender men who "could really pull off that they were a man biologically" survived the flash, and trans women did not. [4]

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