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The Playground is an area connected to Area 1 Crossroads. It is usually accessed after New Roads and contains the Bicycle, required to access the Joy Factory.

Entrance Edit

There is a short cave with a Cigarette hidden behind a stalagmite.

Field Edit

There are three screens before the playground, where Snakes may be fought. Out of the cave there's a sign saying TURN BACK, along with some blood-soaked grass near it.

Near the right of the sign there is a sack containing Fancy perume.

In the screen after the sign, a shadow can be seen amongst some grass. Upon interacting with this shadow, the Man Laying in Grass can be fought. He is easily defeated, and upon victory he says, "What did I do wrong?". In Pain Mode, Tree Man will replace the Man Laying in Grass.

On the third screen, there is a campfire. This camp has the standard positive/negative effects listed in Resting.

Playground Edit

The playground is where the Bicycle is found, along with Charmy. There is also a man sitting in front of Charmy who advises the player on how to kill it. Once Charmy has been defeated the player can then advance to the Joy Factory. The music that plays here is "Child's Call."

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