The seasoned leader of the Bees. Does not put up with shit.
Party Member
Full Name Queen Dianne Roger
Nickname Queen
Class Queen Bee
Equip Types
Weapon Types Club
Armor Types Accessory / Manly / Shawl / Nude / Hat
Skill Types Skills
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Joy Addict
"Well, it's simple really. Just make the client happy. Most of these guys don't even know what they want... They just come here to cry and bullshit. Buncha mama's boy pussywillows. There's a lot of lonely men out there looking for intimacy. But the majority of them are too scared to reclaim it."
Queen Roger is the owner of the The Beehive, a place in which men can go and escape the realities of the result of the White Flash. Once Brad services a few of Queen Bee's clients, Queen will join the party.


Name: Queen Dianne Roger

Fighting Art: Bludgeoning

Past Occupation Lounge Singer

Likes: Giving People Self Confidence

Favorite Food: Ribs

Most Hated Thing: Excuses

A straight-shooting crossdresser, Queen Roger was outcasted as a child for his feminine behavior. This ultimately is what has given him such a thick skin. Even before the apocalypse, he has been known to kill people.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Queen preview

Queen is a cross-dressing male. He dons a fair amount of female garb, apart from a large black beard. His demeanour is rather sour and he isn't afraid to resort to physical violence to make a point.

How to invite to PartyEdit

Brad Bee Minigame

In order to invite Queen to Brad's party, you must first make your way to the The Beehive. It can found by heading to Muddy Waters, through the bottom right hand door in Area 2 and heading East.

Once at the Beehive, speak to Roger and begin the Bee Job mini-game. Here you will 'service' clients by loving them. Service each of the three clients who are "battled", then speak to Roger again. He will then join Brad's party.


Queen is a useful party member with strong attack power. His Extort ability is capable of leaving double the mags at the end of a battle, and his Beatdown skills can deal strong, multi-hit damage. If equipped with a bat with additional effects, the Beatdowns can be even more useful. The best example is with the Head Rocker: it would be rare to see an enemy not be stunned after a Beatdown with that weapon.

Unfortunately Queen is another party member who suffers from withdrawal, in fact he may be one of the heaviest withdrawal sufferers in the game. When Queen is suffering this status ailment not only do his attacks do little to no damage, but they will frequently flat out miss the target altogether. However, he can still Extort enemies, meaning that if you would like to save on Joy, you can have him sit back and extort and use items.

Another one of Queen's drawbacks is his somewhat low SP and costly skills, meaning that he may run out of SP during a fight.

Given Queen's obvious drawback of withdrawal vulnerability, characters that can keep the damage up when Queen is sitting back are ideal. Party members that pair well with Queen include Olan, Jack, and Tiger Man.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Beatdown A brutal assault. 12 20
Threaten Threaten the enemy into leaving more magazines at the end of the battle. 10 20
Homerun KO A big swing capable of stunning. 15 15
Big Beatdown A very brutal assault. 20 50
Final Beatdown THE brutal assault. 25 80


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
13 1252 138 23 24 39 23 61 42

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • Pussy...
  • That's it?
  • Damn straight.
  • Any facial cream?

Default Equipment Edit



  • Queen will spend most of the battles guarding due to his joy addiction.


  • He is the very first character to appear in the 'THE GAME' trailer, appearing as a stripper.
  • Queen bears a resemblance to professional wrestler 'Diamond' Dallas Page, especially the distinctive combination of curly yellow hair/black facial hair.
  • His ability to equip Manly armor (which mostly consist out of a shoulder-pads) is a reference to him wearing pads underneath the Bra he wears.
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