Rage Ironhead
An energetic luchador who disregards his own safety for the sake of style. Attacks with his head.
Party Member
Full Name Rage Ironhead
Nickname El Rage
Class Luchador
Equip Types
Weapon Types Wristband
Armor Types Accessory / Shawl / Mask
Skill Types Skills
Target Rate 100%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
Rage * 40%
"Yoooo! What's happenin' my man?! You gotta couple of mags for me? I'll run with your pack brother!"
―Rage Ironhead

Rage Ironhead is an energetic pro-wrestler known for his devastating Headbutts. Rage Ironhead always puts the battle first and his health second. He has high speed and attack, but somewhat low defense. He is the creator of 'Ironhead Lucha Libre'.


Name: Rage Ironhead

Fighting Art: Lucha Headbutting

Past Occupation Luchador Hero

Likes: Listening to Music

Favorite Food: Green Chile

Most Hated Thing: Wasted Time

The founder of Ironhead Lucha Libre. He lives to soar. Although he is a hit with the ladies, his only true love in life is the ring.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Rage is a tan likely hispanic man who wears a red luchador mask, pitch black shawl and wristbands and a gold belt.

Rage is a very hyper hyperactive person who's rather loud, going on about his head and chants after a battle.

How to invite to PartyEdit

Rage Ironhead is located in a bar in the Mountains found by going through the bottom left door in the Crossroads, under the word 'Let's' in 'Let's find her'. When spoke to and given 70 magazines, he will join Brad's party.


Rage is a strong party member who is one of few that have the ability to use combos. Rage's main quirk is using a series of headbutt related moves to deal powerful damage to the enemy. Overall his attacks alone do average damage, but when coupled with his combo abilities it can all add up to deal some massive damage.

The drawback to Rage though is that he's not real varied in attacks; each new skill he learns is just a more powerful variant of the last. Coupled with his weak defense and rather lacking HP he is not very capable of taking a lot of hits. Overall if you want a bonafide glass cannon for your team then Rage has got you covered.


Skill Name Combo Letter Description
Icon Red W
A swift headbutt
Rising Knee
Icon Red A
A knee strike to the chin.
Falling Tree Slam
Icon Red S
A momentum based head slam.
Shoulder Tackle
Icon Red D
A rushing shoulder tackle.

When used, the above skills will deal individual damage, as well as the damage of the relevant skill (if completed)

Skill Name Combo Description Level Learned MP Cost
Head Rush
Icon Red A
Icon Red A
Icon Red W
A series of headbutts. 1 3
Missle Headbutt
Icon Red W
Icon Red A
Icon Red S
Icon Red D
A flying headbutt. 3 5
Running Splash
Icon Red A
Icon Red S
Icon Red S
Icon Red D
A flying body splash. 5 7
Tackle Rush
Icon Red S
Icon Red A
Icon Red W
Icon Red D
A big attempt at knocking the opponent over. 7 11
Running Geyser
Icon Red A
Icon Red S
Icon Red A
Icon Red W
A bigger flying body splash. 11 9
Massive Head Rush
Icon Red W
Icon Red W
Icon Red A
A series of headbutts. 13 11
Meteor Elbow Drop
Icon Red S
Icon Red W
Icon Red W
Icon Red A
Icon Red S
A huge elbow from the sky. 19 14
Final Head Rush
Icon Red W
Icon Red W
Icon Red W
Icon Red A
A series of headbutts. 22 16
Astro Elbow Drop
Icon Red S
Icon Red W
Icon Red W
Icon Red A
Icon Red D
A huge elbow from space. 25 20


Statistics analysis

Core Statistics
2 383 84 16 12 12 12 42 41

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • My head is iron! IRON BABY!
  • Elllllllleleleleleleleleeeee!
  • My head is unstoppable!
  • Woo!

Default Equipment Edit


Notes Edit

  • Despite wearing a pitch black shawl, he doesn't start with a shawl. Luckily, there is a shop nearby that sells dainty shawls.


  • Rage made his first appearance in sacrifice trailer. He is seen hanging around with Brad, Hawk and Olan. After Brad is surrounded by enemies, he is seen lying dead with a spiked club stuck on his head.
  • There are unused sprites of Rage preforming a giant swing, as well as him being tied up and attached to an arrow, these sprites were likely meant for team attacks, a scrapped game mechanic shown in this clip from one of the Lisa Trailers
  • His name was originally Stone Ramon, seen from the beta version of the game.
  • In the beta devolopment's files in the final game, rage suppose to have a move called Running Typhoon, and the combo key for doing it is broken.
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