Russian Roulette Edit

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In this place, Russian Roulette is played by the desperate living in the wastelands for the entertainment of the bystanders.

It is located to the left of Area 2. The player can access it by transporting to Area 2, then going directly left until they come to the cliff that has "Jump" with an arrow pointing down painted onto it. At the bottom of the cliff, there is a cave entrance. The roulette entrance is the cave exit on the left.

The man with the hat seems to be the one who runs the show, offering 50 mags to those crazy or hopeless enough to take a chance.

Brad can come here to risk the lives of his party members.

Brad's First Time Edit

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The first time the player sees this place is when Brad is kidnapped and taken here by the man with the hat and his goons; the dialogue with the man is pretty straightforward: Brad either chooses which party member will "play" the roulette or Game Over.

At this time Brad is compelled to play roulette until he wins 3 times.

Upon completing this task Brad will be rewarded with 50 mags.

After the First Time Edit

After Brad successfully completes the first three rounds of Roulette he was forced into, he can come back to it and play again. Each round costs 50 mags and pays out an increasing amount for each round won (100, 150, 200, and so on). A follower must be sacrificed for each round, and losing the round results in that follower's death.

The final round is played against a fat, black man with scars all over his body. He can sustain two shots to the head before dying, but both shots do not have to be within one round. After defeating this opponent, the ringmaster notes that Brad has defeated all the opponents, who he calls his children.

Upon leaving the building after winning all the rounds, Buckets will appear and join Brad's party.

Notes Edit

  • There is a common rumor that the Luck stat of a character influences the outcome of a roulette round, this is false.

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