A major plot element in the LISA series is sacrifice. During the course of PAINFUL, Brad will have to make several sacrifices, ranging from losing all his items, to losing an arm, to losing one or all of his friends. The player will have to make a choice no matter what their answer is.

Sacrifices in THE PAINFULEdit

  • Area 1: Early on in Area 1, Columbo will ambush Brad and Terry with a truck. Brad will be forced to choose between losing all of his items, or letting Columbo force Terry into his gang. The second choice is required for the Former Friend encounter.
  • Area 2: Early in Area 2, Buzzo will ambush Brad and his party. Brad will be forced to choose between losing an arm or losing a party member.
  • Area 3: Buzzo will once again appear and force Brad to choose between his three active party members, or Buddy's nipple. The latter does not have any major effect on the plot, other than Buzzo giving you the Nipple.
    • Immediately afterward on the next screen, Buzzo will force you to choose between an arm, or all of Brad's items and mags. Despite his dialogue, he leaves you with equipment (though it is unequipped). There is also a third option: ask him why he does it - then he will call Brad a murderer, after which he will cut off his arm and take away all his items and magazines. There is a version that this option affects the storyline with Buzzo.
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