Saving in LISA: THE PAINFUL and LISA: THE JOYFUL is performed by visiting one of many Save Crows. Interacting with the crow will bring up the save menu and allow the game to be saved.

In Pain Mode during LISA: THE PAINFUL, however, once Brad interacts with a crow and exits the menu, the crow will explode, removing the save point from the game. This can happen even if the game has not been saved inside this menu. This requires planned usage of each Save Crow and risk mitigation of dying before your next save.
Below is a list of all Save Crows:

Area 1Edit

East of Brads House
West of Brads House
Path to the Beginning
East of Aurora Town
New Roads
Factory Town
Factory Road 3
Joy Factory
Road To Rick
Area 1/2 Transition - Motorcycle

Area 2Edit

Area 2 Crossroads
Climb to Wallys
After Wally
Garbage Island
Dismal Island
Resort Island

Area 3Edit

Area 3 Crossroads
Stone Village
Holly Wood
Bloodmoon Mountain
Snow Mountain

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