Sergei Rage
Battler sergei
Enemy information
HP 5000 ATK 122
SP 888 DEF 10
SATK 10 AGI 10
Exp 2000 Mags 8
HIT * 95% EVA * 5%
Attack Element: Physical Scared * 50%
Paralysis * 50% Sleep * 50%
Stun * 50% State Resist: Fallen
Big Swing Always 3
Tiger Suplex Always 5
Knife Hand Always 5


Sergei Rage is a nefarious looking man wearing a red shawl, like the rest of The Gents, he has his hair styled in a ponytail and has very large eyes that resemble glasses.

As a child, Sergei didn't look much that different from now, except that he wore no shirt as opposed to the red poncho he wears as an adult.

Description Edit

Sergei Rage is a member of Columbo's gang, and a childhood friend of his, and is a character that is seen early on, and throughout the game. He is first seen in Brad's childhood, when Brad takes the fall for Sticky and Cheeks, who have stolen Chris Columbo's ball, He, alongside his friends Tom Cream and Larry Sports, as well as the leader among their small social circle, respond to this incident by ganging up on Richard Weeks, until as mentioned before, they are interrupted by Brad, who claims to have been the one who stole Columbo's ball, this results in them switching their target to Brad instead of Rick, and leaving Brad injured, with his shirt torn up, they abscond, presumably unpunished by their parents and end up making Brad get hit in the head with a bottle by his father, Marty Armstrong. Sergei and his friends are not seen after this view of pre-flash Olathe, until after his fellow Gents Larry and Tom knock Brad & Terry unconscious, appearing after Brad recovers from the severe blow dealt to him, alongside the leader of The Gents, Chris Columbo, now having found a new mount, a doe whom he christened Spaghetti, and give him (Brad) the choice of giving up all of his items, or his companion Terry Hintz. If Terry is chosen to be sacrificed, he will return as a bitter and angry shadow of himself when The Gents make their reappearance in the now-destroyed Rando Blockade in Area 2, where the four of them will engage Brad and his party in combat, with Terry going first if he was sacrificed, and The Gents fighting Brad and his companions after the battle with Terry. Sergei, in his battle with Brad, uses moves such as Knife-Hand Strikes, as well as performing Tiger Suplex hold as well, he is also the only member of The Gents capable of using a move that hits the entire party, that move being Big Swing.



  • As with his associates, Sergei is a rather strong fighter, capable of taking a good amount of damage while returning it quite effectively.
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