The artwork for LISA's official OST

The original soundtrack (OST) was composed and produced by Austin Jorgensen under the name Widdly 2 Diddly using FL Studio.

The soundtrack for LISA: The First was never released officially, so it can be found here instead.

The soundtrack for LISA: The Painful RPG can be found at Widdly 2 Diddly's Bandcamp page here. 71 tracks can be listened to at no charge. However, by purchasing the soundtrack you will be given a total of 91 tracks instead, including 6 unused tracks, as well as the battle jingles from the EWC.

The soundtrack for LISA: The Joyful is bundled with the DLC when you purchase it on Steam, but can also be found on Marina Hova's Bandcamp page here . It features 25 different musical tracks.

LISA: THE FIRST Track Listing[edit | edit source]

No. Name Heard
1 The Sireen's Call Plays in Lisa's room and the lobby.
2 TV Plays in the living room and outside Marty's house.
3 Fuck it Plays in The Blank Road.
4 Remember Plays in The Town.
5 Anger Plays in the bar full of Marty's.
6 Angrier Plays in the bar full of Marty's and the room with the bottle of pills.
7 Confused Plays on the mountain with the Razor Rick.
8 Fear Plays in the cave filled with Marty Spiders in the Sea Room.
9 Bile Plays in The Bile Room.
10 Hunger Plays in the cave filled with Marty Spiders in The Bile Room.
11 Love Plays while inside Marty's VHS tape.
12 Manipulate Plays in the Sea Room.
13 The Royal's Call Plays in The Mansion.
14 Marty  Track that was supposed to play in a scrapped fight against Marty. As a result, it goes unused in the game.
15 Deep Shift Plays in the Red Basement.
16 Hate  Plays in the large area in which you can find the Razor and in the cave filled with Marty Spiders after getting the bottle of pills.
17 Determined Plays in the Rope Room.
18 Creepy Sax Plays in the room with the giant blob Marty.
19 Dead End Plays at the title screen and during the normal ending.

LISA: THE PAINFUL Track Listing[edit | edit source]

The Following tracks are listed in the order they are shown on Bandcamp, and does not show hidden tracks.

No. Name Heard

War Season

Plays during the fight with Sweet Tea Rakeem (plus Vic Cherry in Pain Mode), Cinderblock Sluggan, Great Zaladin, and Buffalo Van Dyke's team.

Men's Hair Club

Plays during the fight with Men's Hair Club Presidents, Demon X, Columbo's henchmen, Bloodiest Wolf, and the Cosmic Riders.


Plays at The Beehive.

All Hail the Fishmen

Plays in the Fishman Town.

Bloodmoon Rising

Plays on Bloodmoon Mountain.

Air Raid

Plays during the fight with Sugar Mountain, Peter Smoove, and Joshie Brighteyes.

Forever Turbo Heat Dance

Plays in the Club House on the road to the Joy Factory.

Summer Love

Plays in various towns and villages.

Beam Brain

Plays during the fight with Booker Clinton, Squirrelly Man (Beastborn), Blake the Snake, and Wonder Wizard.

Big Boy's Call

Plays at campsites.

Blood for Sex

Plays in the Nice Homes area and when fighting Hawk.

Blood Simmer

Plays during the fights with Walter Stingray, Jeffery Coommings, Mike Pun Master and Armed Snowmen.


Theme of the Salvation Rangers. Also plays during Nern Guan's monologing & Horrace's flashback.


Plays in the hotel on the Resort Island.

Exploding Hearts

Plays during the fight with Satan

Give Up

Plays at Rando Land.

Burning Sunset

Plays in the motorcycle road and during the race with Columbo.

Boy Oh Boy

Plays in Hollywood.

Devil's Bath Boys

Plays during the battle with Han Tsunami and the Devil's Bath Boys.

Bradley Baby

Plays in the field before the Playground and just outside the Joy Factory.


Plays during serious cutscenes.


Plays during fights with Cheese Legs and Barrel Clubber and Barrel Shooter.

Cassette Blues

Played by Bee Swanson at the New Roads, and also played by Kim Sex Machine at The Beehive.

Child's Call

Plays at the Playground and in the Neighborhood when Brad is heading back home.

Chris Columbo

Unused track. Possibly meant for fighting Columbo.

Dandy Boy

Plays during the fights with Big Pancake Norton, Strange Man Hiding, Poisonous Snake, Iori Stevens, and The Bill Collectors.

Bath Boys

Plays in the Bath House in Area 3.

Death Lingers

Plays in the Neck Cave, which is hidden in the Muscle Cave.

Deep Inside Me

Plays in various caves.

Desert Stroll

Plays in the Sands.

Die Die Die!

Plays during the battle with Hawk Hollywood, Kim Sex Machine, and The Crossbones.

Don't Go In There

Plays in the cavern where Sonny Backluwitz is located as well as the top floor of the Hotel on Resort Island.

Evil Draws Near

Plays during confrontations with Columbo's gang and The Road Scholars.

Father's Call

Plays outside of Brad's House after returning with Terry Hintz.

F#%k You


Garbage Day

Plays on Garbage Island.

Go Home Johnny

Plays during the fight with the Dojo Buster (Tiger Man), Former Friend, Sticky, and Tardy Hernandez.

Goodbye Baby

Plays when climbing the extremely tall cliff in Area 2 and during the first round of the fight with the Rando Army. Also plays in the fight against The Go Homers.


Plays during the second round of the fight with the Rando Army.

Horse Sh!t

Plays during the fights with the Blue Rockets, Biscuits n' Gravy, Laser Agar, and Perry Prichard.

I Am Satan

Plays during the fights with Cousin Alfonso Christ, Sticky (hallucination), Lunatic Fridge, Lunatic Box, Lunatic Trash, and The Sunset Express.

Joy Boy

Plays whenever Buzzo is approaching.

Last Call Before Hell

Plays in bars.


Plays on Snow Mountain.

Men at Work

Plays at the Construction Site.

Work Harder

Plays in Gym and the EWC.

Muddy Waters

Plays in the Muddy Waters.

My Lord, My Wally

Plays during the battle with Wally and the Flaming Man.

Ode to the Oblivious

Plays in Rick's flashback scene and during the character select screen for Russian Roulette.


Plays in the cave after the Russian Roulette building and in Ollie's on Garbage Island.

Pebble Man

Plays during the fights with Bobby Diddle, Squirrel, Gavin Davidson. and Foreign Objection.

Praise Wally

Plays throughout Wally's, the higher reaches of Snow Mountain, and during the fights against employees Chris & Mark, and Death Queen.

Rando March

Plays during battles against Rando's soldiers.

Rando Road

Plays in the Path to the Beginning and during battles against Creeps.

Shardy's Shanty

Plays on Shardy's or Tardy's boat trips.

Soft Skin

Plays during battles against Joy Mutants, during encounters with Buzzo's gang and during the third and fourth rounds of the fight with the Rando Army.

Steel Mill

Plays during the battle with the Road Scholars, and Gary The Hot Soup.

Summer Breeze

Plays during the exercise minigame and Percy Monsoon's introductory cutscene.

Wierd Sh!t

Plays during the fights with Tree Man, Man Laying in Grass, Scott Lawson, Steel Blackman, Crush Mahone, Joe Kansas, and Willard Dillard.

Super Working Stiff

Plays during the fights with Horrace, Footballer Blue, Green, Orange and White.

Tallgrass Tussle

Plays during the fight with Cosmo Cassamassa, Tex Diablo, Man's Worst Friend, and Wonder Wizard (Second Fight).

The Art of Flesh

Plays in the Joy Mutant Art Gallery.

The End is Nigh

Plays during the final battle against Rando.

The Highway King

Plays on the Joy Factory Road.

The Sireen's Call

Plays at the title screen and very faintly before fighting your party.

Bo's Bro

Plays when Henry's record is played at the bar in the Muddy Waters.

Vroom Vroom

Played in the area where the Gale Motorcycle Club is.

Welcome Home

Played Marty's house during the opening, various transitioning caves, and Nern's house.

Welcome to Hell

Played during battles with the Shadowy Figure, Rex Thunderstorm, and Mr. Angoneli.
70 Welcomed Death Plays in the cavern before the Muddy Waters and Snow Mountain.

Live in Joy

Plays at the credits to LISA: The Painful and when battling Brad at the beginning of LISA: The Joyful.

LISA: THE JOYFUL Track Listing[edit | edit source]

No. Name Heard
1 666 Killchop Deluxe Plays in the fights against Gary The Hot Soup, Chester, Vega Van Dam, and Bullet Tom.
2 All American Badass Mastered Plays during the fight with Big Lincoln.
3 Arrow to the Head Plays in the battle against Sindy Gallows.
4 BBB Plays in the Pacifist Village.
5 Boogie From Beyond Plays in various transitioning caves.
6 Brokentooth March Plays during the battle against Dr. Yado.
7 Buddy's Theme Possibly Unused Track
8 Creep on Her Plays in the fights against Lenny Luigal's gang, Nelson Coots, Ronald Frontier, Terry Dunk, Dory Dunk, the Shadowy Figure, Grip Ripper and some Joy Mutants.
9 He's My Dad Plays during the hallucination of Brad.
10 Here Comes Bolo Bugaughtiichi Plays during Bolo's introductory cutscene, as well as during the battle against him.
11 Homeland Hussle Plays during the fights against Les Snatcher, Joey Viper, Johnny Walrus, Gary Panther, Paul Peacock, and Dig Rhino.
12 Joy Jr. Plays in background of The List after all names have been crossed out.
13 Land of Hints Plays in Land of Hints and the battle against Arty.
14 LOVE Plays during the final fight against Buzzo.
15 Mouth Wide Open Plays in the battles against Lardy Hernandez, Pee Bingle, Tommy Dingle, and Clark Cutter.
16 My Lando Plays at Vega Land and inside the house in Dice's House.
17 Peace in Death Plays in the intro cutscene with Buzzo and Buddy, and also in the area before The List.
18 Rando's Dead Plays during the final phase of Dr. Yado's battle.
19 Roll the Dice Plays in the fights against Dice Mahone, his soldiers, and Poker Heat Johnson.
20 The Big Girl Has Cometh Plays during most fights against Joy Mutants.
21 The Finale Played by Dr. Yado before the battle against Sweetheart and commanding Sweetheart to save Buddy from Bolo.
22 Voices Hum Title Screen music, some areas of Brad's hallucination and The List.
23 Voices End Credits music.
24 Winner, Winner What's Four Dinner Boys Plays at the concert area past the abandoned village.
25 Wrongside Plays at the Dice's House.

Unused Tracks[edit | edit source]

  • Chris Columbo
  • F#%k You
  • The Band's Call
  • Life is Trash
  • Working Stiff
  • Hernandez Ocean
  • Power Mountain
  • Balloon Man

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Pertaining to the Painful soundtrack: The Band's Call, all the way down to Balloon Man, are exclusive & unused tracks that can only be obtained by purchasing the Lisa Soundtrack on Bandcamp.
  • Life is Trash is possibly a discarded track that was originally intended to play on Garbage Island. By the same merit The Band's Call shares similar elements with the official track The Highway King, possibly implying that the former may have been a discarded track for the Joy Factory area.
  • Working Stiff appears to be an older version of the official track Super Working Stiff.
  • As of the Lisa: The Joyful DLC, the track named The Band's Call has been officially used and renamed to Winner, Winner What's Four Dinner Boys.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song “Summer Love” samples Divina by Toro Y Moi.
  • The song “Brawlin’” samples Get Up Offa That Thing by James Brown as well as Kool is Back by Funk, Inc.
  • The song "Work Harder" samples a voice clip used by the character Delin from Shenmue 2. This voice clip is also used in many different parts in LISA: The First.
  • The song "Tallgrass Tussle" samples Grasslands Chant from the Lion King musical.
  • The song "The End is Nigh" uses melodies from Surrealism by 4one.
  • The song "God's Call" is placed into a separate album from the rest of the soundtrack, likely referring to it being performed by Dr. Yado in game.
  • The "Creepy Sax" track for LISA: The First has odd metadata. It was apparently composed by "da chronos" for the album "droneizzle". This album and person both do not exist. The metadata also states that the title of the song is actually "mind of the killer" instead of Creepy Sax, and the description of the track is "kill....kill....kill.....kill....kill....".
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