Spaghetti is the name of Chris Columbo's deer. Chris can be seen riding Spaghetti during most, if not all of his appearances.

Chris Columbo riding Spaghetti
Race Deer
Sex Unknown
Relationships Chris Columbo (Owner)
Appearances LISA - The Painful

Description: Edit

Spaghetti is Columbo's favoured pet. Barring the introduction sequence, Spaghetti is seen whenever Columbo is encountered by Brad and his party.

Locations: Edit

Notes: Edit

  • During the Queen Roger sidequest at the Beehive, Spaghetti will randomly hop into your room, give it's signature "Weedle-Whoop" (artist's rendition), and then leave as it is called, assumedly by Columbo. This may be a sign that Columbo is homosexual.
  • Spaghetti may actually be female, as Yazan's cat Kat is female. Therefore, it may only be female humans that have been killed by the White Flash.
  • Spaghetti is ultimately killed by Columbo, who shoots it in the head.
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