Below is a list of all possible Achievements in the Steam version of Lisa The RPG and a brief description on how to obtain them.

Name and Description How to obtain
Let's Find Her

Reach the first crossroads.

Obtained after reaching Area 1. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
Embrace the Joy

Meet Buzzo.

Obtained after entering the abandoned factory and getting some Joy from Buzzo. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
Really? Hairmanity?

Kill the Men's Hair Club Presidents.

Obtained after defeating the boss Men's Hair Club. Obtained normally as the story progresses. (If you escape the fight and come back, Steam will glitch and won't count the achievement.)
The Face of Blood

Meet the Red Skull Rando

Obtained after crashing against Rando with a motorcycle. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
It's all falling down

Reach the second crossroads.

Obtained after reaching Area 2. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
Happy Reunion

Save Buddy.

Obtained after defeating Wally - you will find Buddy in a cave unlocking the achievement. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
No Turning Back

Reach the third crossroads.

Obtained after reaching Area 3. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
The End is Nigh

Welcome to Hell.

Obtained after reaching the Rando Camp, after Brad leaves Area 3. Obtained normally as the story progresses.
I Love You Son.

Kill all the Rouletters.

Obtained after winning ten rounds of Roulette, on the way to recruiting Buckets.

It can't be...

Obtained by entering through the first Construction area, and heading to the bottom and going down the rope to the west of the truck.

Go inside the house and through the only doorway, and interacting with the toilet in the room unlocks the achievement.

There's Something Fishy...

Find the Fishmen.

Obtained when Brad reaches the Fishman Town, on the way to recruiting Carp and Harvey Alibastor.
The Doctor is in the House

Kill the doctor.

Obtained by killing the Doctor, a huge blob of a Joy Mutant who is localized in the basement of the last house of the Nice Neighborhood.
Worth it

Learn the ways of Bob Friday.

Obtained after recruiting Tiger Man and then speaking to Bob Friday in the top right area outside of Bob's Dojo. Travel back to the Dojo and inside his office through the door Tiger was blocking. Buy the Student Creed for 1000 Mags, use it on one of your party and the achievement will unlock.

Look on the Brightside

Watch a well executed suicide.

Obtained by fighting Tom "Brightside" Miller on Garbage Island. This is on the way to recruiting Fly Minetti and Ollie Nickels.
The Champ is Here!

Break the Streak, win the title.

Complete the Eternal Championship at the EWC. Obtained while recruiting Sonny Backluwitz.
Arm-Shock 4 Life!

Win the tag titles.

Complete the Tag Team Championship at the EWC. Obtained while recruiting Shocklord.
Salvation Ends

Witness the fall of the Salvation Rangers.

You have to witness the 4 cutscenes of the Salvation Rangers as well as defeat Blue during the final encounter. Obtained partially through recruiting Dick Dickson.
Hot Snow

Reach the Snowy Peak.

Obtained in the Snowy Peak area by climbing the peak all the way to the top and killing the lone Flaming Man.
Weekend Getaway

Find the relaxing researchers.

Obtained by finding the Resort Map and giving it to Shardy at the bottom of Area 3 to travel to Resort Island. The achievement is obtained while finding the researchers in the hotel. They are in a secret room on the top floor that can only be opened after pressing hidden switches throughout the normal hotel rooms.
Bye, I Guess...

Race Columbo.

Obtained by racing Columbo in Area 3. It does not matter whether you win or lose, although winning will grant you the Hyper Hair-Gro.
10-4 Good Buddy

Kill Satan.

Obtained by killing Satan inside of the Devil's Machine.


Obtained after defeating Rando and walking all the way to the left until reaching the Trumpet Man on a ledge overlooking Brad.

Hint Guy Recruit Terry Hints.

Recruit Terry Hintz
Many Swords Guy

Recruit Crisp Ladaddy.

Recruit Crisp Ladaddy.
Dirt Bag Guy

Recruit RT.

Recruit RT.
Red Hair Guy

Recruit Rooster Coleman.

Recruit Rooster Coleman.
Drunk Guy

Recruit Olan Hyot.

Recruit Olan Hoyt.
Annoying Guy

Recruit Nern Guan.

Recruit Nern Guan.
Headbutt Guy

Recruit Rage Ironhead.

Recruit Rage Ironhead.
Poop Guy

Recruit Percy Monsoon.

Recruit Percy Monsoon
Nipple Guy

Recruit Mad Dog.

Recruit Mad Dog
Face First Guy

Recruit Shocklord.

Recruit Shocklord
Violated Guy

Recruit Fardy Hernandez.

Recruit Fardy Hernandez
Lady Guy

Recruit Queen Roger.

Recruit Queen Roger
Fish Guy

Recruit Carp.

Recruit Carp
Lawyer Fish Guy

Recruit Harvey Alibastor.

Recruit Harvey Alibastor
Cool Dude Guy

Recruit Clint Olympic.

Recruit Clint Olympic
Mysterious Guy

Recruit Buckets.

Recruit Buckets
American Guy

Recruit Buffalo Van Dyke.

Recruit Buffalo Van Dyke
Spear Guy

Recruit Tiger Man.

Recruit Tiger Man
Sweaty Guy

Recruit Ollie Nickels.

Recruit Ollie Nickels.
Rhyming Bird Guy

Recruit Geese Thompson.

Recruit Geese Thompson
Party Guy

Recruit Dick Dickson.

Recruit Dick Dickson
Magic Guy

Recruit Jack.

Recruit Jack.
Powerful Clothesline Guy

Recruit Sonny Backluwitz.

Recruit Sonny Backluwitz.
Cat Guy

Recruit Yazan Barghouti.

Recruit Yazan Barghouti.
Wild Guy

Recruit Beastborn.

Recruit Beastborn.
Bug Guy

Recruit Fly Minetti.

Recruit Fly Minetti.
Poke Guy

Recruit Ajeet Mandeep.

Recruit Ajeet Mandeep.

Art Guy Recruit Garth.

Recruit Garth.
Weird Guy

Recruit Bo Wyatt.

Recruit Bo Wyatt.
Super Drunk Guy

Recruit Birdie Hall.

Recruit Birdie Hall.

Finish with both arms.

Hidden Achievement. Obtainable by finishing the game without losing a single arm on Buzzo's Ultimatums.
Kind of Selfish

Finish with one arm.

Hidden Achievement. Obtainable by finishing the Game surrendering an arm on Buzzo's Ultimatums.

Finish with no arms.

Hidden Achievement. Obtainable by finishing the Game surrendering both arms on Buzzo's Ultimatums.
Joyless End

It's too late to fight it...

Hidden Achievement. Obtainable by finishing the Game without consuming a single piece of Joy.
Joyful End

Giving in feels good.

Hidden Achievement. Obtainable by finishing the Game having consumed at least a piece of Joy.
Sorry Master

The birth of Red Skull.

Obtainable by finishing the Game in Pain Mode.

Lisa: The Joyful DLC Achievements.[edit | edit source]

The DLC comes with 10 new achievements added to the original list. Making it a whopping total of 68 possible achievements with the DLC installed.


Got it!

Obtained after Rando Joins your Party. (Obtained normally as the story progresses)
Fan Club.

Got it!

Obtained by reaching The Land of Hints and getting Hint Mask from a chest.

Got it!

Obtained after getting inside the Joy Boys Hideout and getting the Joy Mask.

To reach the Joy Boys Hideout first you have to go to the Hidden Bushy Mountain (See The Beat Never Dies achievement for more info.)

Find the TNT hidden in a bush near the top and slightly to the left.

Go back to area 2 and use the TNT on the big rock that's lying under the Dice Cave Entrance. Go through the entrance and push forward. Defeat the oddly familiar Joy Mutant (Beware, it's HP is quite high.)

After that follow the road to a little hut. Once inside the hut, press the action button on the right corner. It'll take you to a really long corridor. You'll notice 2 things on the floor; carpets and blankets.

If you press the action button on a blanket you'll notice that it will teleport you to the beginning of the corridor.

The correct blanket is the twelfth blanket from the right.

Once you find the secret entrance you will be in a room with a punching bag. Punch it several times to reveal a hidden passage.

The rest is up to you.


False God.

Obtained after finishing the games without meeting either The Source or I'm Sorry achievements requirements.
The Beat Never Dies.

His Hot Fire is even hotter in Hell.

Obtained by finding the secret W2D Worshipper's cave.

To find it you have to go to area 2 and take the Cave with the Dice Graffiti.

Go to the lowest part of that orange cave and go to the left to reveal a hidden path to a Bushy Mountain.

Press the action button on the bushes. The entrance to a hidden cave is on a bush near the top on the left of the map. go to the right and press the action button on the wall to get the achievement.

The Source

The resting place of the Darkness.

Obtained after reaching the Joy Lab Facility.

To access to this facility you have to go to the deserted town (bottom door) on the first area. The first area is the area with the "Lardy's" sign.

But instead of going to the right to reach the town. Go to the left. There will be a cliff. A small pink note on a ledge and an item on the floor.

Jump off the cliff and you will land on a road to a door with the JOY word engraved in red on it. You won't be able to access the building unless you wear the Joy Mask. Keep pushing to the left. The rest is up to you.

I'm Sorry

I'd change everything if I could.

Obtained by going back down to the place were Rando landed using the Joy Mask after crossing everyone off The List and seeing what happens


*Note* You must do less than 2,000 damage to Brad at the start of game, Buzzo will come to claim Brad after 8 turns, it is recommended to guard during this fight.



Finishing the game with The Source achievement requirements.

The breeding ground.

Finishing the game with the I'm Sorry achievement requirements. (This overrides Lisa Ending)
No Friends.

Walk the path alone.

In the W2D worshipper's cave, go left to collect a secret green helmet. Before finishing the list, head to the Joy Boys Hideout and talk to the man outside of it without your mask. Return to this location after finishing the list to unlock the achievement.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Getting the The Champ is Here! achievement means that you will no longer be able to fight at the EWC. And so, you will not be able to win the Tag Team Championship and get the Arm-Shock 4 Life! achievement if you didn't get that done first. Also you won't be able to grind experience and Mags at the Dystopian Rumbles.
  • Pain Mode will override the Joyless ending and you will get the Pain ending independently of your Joy consumption.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 10-4 Good Buddy uses Ten-code, Ten-codes officially known as ten signals are brevity codes used to represent common phrases in voice communication, particularly by law enforcement and in Citizens Band (CB) radio transmissions. With 10-4 meaning "understood".
    • Ten-code and Citizens Band Radios are often associated with truckers, which makes since why Satan would have it since he and the person he was based on was a trucker.
  • The achievement "Mysterious Guy" is the least achieved party member achievement. Meaning Buckets is the least recruited character.
  • Unsurprisingly, "Hint Guy" is the most achieved achievement, while "No Friends." is the lowest. Setting at 88.5% and 2.5% respectively.
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