The Devil's Bathhouse is a mazelike location in LISA: THE PAINFUL connected to the Area 3 Crossroads. Olathe Warlord Han Tsunami and his gang rule the area. The goal is to obtain the Large Fan in order to make the boat required to reach Buddy. Toby and the Keys can also be found here.

Bathhouse EntranceEdit

Guarding the entrance is Spoony Sidewalk Vee, who will fight you once interacted with.


(Full size map can be found here)

The bathhouse is a mazelike structure with numerous Marty Spiders within its confines.


178 Lobby
The lobby leads to White and White 2. It contains two Marty Spiders.

White 2Edit

196 white2
To the right of the Lobby is a room containing a Joy Mutant named Beady. Be sure you're prepared, as Beady can use the permakill move Fatal Chomp. Behind it is a set of Keys that can be used to enter Mike's Cargo.

Crab 2Edit

194 Crab2
In the Crab 2 room is a tanned man tied up who goes by the name of Toby. Toby can be bought back into Crisp Ladaddy in Stone Village in order to invite him to Brad's party.


185 Field
The Field Room contains the Devil's Pads, one of the best body armors in the game.

Han TsunamiEdit

181 Boss
After the Bamboo Room, you will find and Han Tsunami and his gang. A fight will start once the room is entered. His gang consists of Herman Masatoshi, Ned Tanaka, Huey Fujiwara, Yo Hosei, Ernie Shozo and Marco Hitoshi. The easiest way to win this fight is with Brad's Homerun Head Slide, as it can inflict Fallen on all of the enemies. If you have difficulty with this fight, train in the EWC until this skill is obtained and return to the Bathhouse.

Fan RoomEdit

204 Fan
Once Han Tsunami is defeated, the Large Fan will be available to obtain.

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