The self-proclaimed Shepherd of Cats. He's searching for the rumored Cat Haven.
Party Member
Full Name Yazan Barghouti
Nickname Yazan
Class Cat Shephard
Equip Types
Weapon Types Sword
Armor Types Accessory / Poncho / Hat
Skill Types Skills / Kat
Target Rate 150%
Evasion 5%
Hit Rate 95%
Crit Chance 4%
"I am Yazan. And this is Kat. I am a shoving leopard... Of what you ask? Do you really care to listen? I'm searching for a far off land... A paradise for all felines... Nobody knows if it is real... But I will not stop searching till I die. Will you join me on my quest?"

Yazan is a party member found near Bob's Dojo. He is on a journey to find a paradise for all felines along with his trusty cat, Katherine (Kat).


Name: Yazan Barghouti

Fighting Art: Arabian Sabre

Past Occupation Wanderer

Likes: Cats

Favorite Food: Cat Food

Most Hated Thing: Animal Cruelty

A wandering vagabond drifting from place to place, looking for a far off land rumored to be a sanctuary where cats thrive. Whether this place truly exists is not at all certain, however the vagabond continues to journey onward; looking for the paradise where Katherine can live safe.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Yazan bio
Yazan stocky male likely young in his early 30s. He has long black hair, sideburns and a chin beard, he wears pink circle glasses, what seems to be some sort of green robe with red, and what seems to be a gold scarf (although it appears as a green and yellow plaid scarf). his companion Katherine (Often shorten to Kat) is a solid blue cat.

Yazan's main trait is his love for animals (mostly felines) only going with Brad to find a land of cats.

How to Invite to PartyEdit

Yazan can be found west of Bob's Dojo, found around Area 2. To travel to Bob's, walk though the top door in Area 2. Head to the end of the cave, walking past Birdie Hall, and you will reach Bob's. Head west and you will reach Yazan. Speak to him and he will join Brad's party.

Tiger bomb
WARNING: If you give the two men on the east side of Area 2 your TNT, they will blow up Bob's Dojo along with all NPCs and possible party members Tiger Man and Jack. In order to avoid them, head to the top door of Area 2, jump down (dealing 10 damage on impact), and travel east over the jerks.


While having rather low HP, Yazan is capable is dealing strong damage to his opponents. His Wrath of the Wind attack and Purrfect skill are ideal for maintaining first move priority on Brad's party, and moves like Curse Slash and Lioness's Fury are great for dealing decent damage while also potentially inflicting fear and bleeding respectively, both of which are great status ailments to put on tougher bosses.


Skill Name Description Level Learned MP Cost
Lioness's Fury Hold Kat up to the opponent to violently claw them. Causes bleeding. 1 5
Three Wishes Three strong, but inaccurate slashes. 1 30
Fluffy Wuffy Kat's cuteness is impossible to deny. Causes paralysis. 5 15
Purrfect Kat's purring has wonderful effects on your party. Increases agility. 10 20
Curse Slash A cursed slash. Causes fear on contact. 15 30
Cat Lick A kiss from Kat. Heals Yazan. 17 15
Wrath of the Wind A slash so fast, it generates a gust of wind. Reduces enemy speed. 19 30
Bad Mews Throw Kat at the enemy causing various effects. Lose Kat for 3 turns. 20 15
Blood-Stained Blade Wiping the blood off your blade fills you with energy... Increases SP. 23 0
Judgement Death from above... 25 40


Core Statistics
10 571 224 24 20 21 29 70 55

Battle QuotesEdit

Win QuotesEdit

Level QuotesEdit

Drop QuotesEdit

  • That was for you, Kat...
  • Good...
  • The search continues.

Default Equipment Edit



  • Despite what is says in the description, Bad Mews doesn't do anything.


  • Yazan is one of six party members created by a Kickstarter backer, although there were supposed to be ten.[1]
  • When Brad's party confronts Brad during the end of the game, Yazan's name is incorrectly displayed as "Yazim".
  • Yazan shares some traits with stereotype "Neckbeards". Men who exhibit characteristics such as social awkwardness, underachievement or pretentiousness.

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